Dangers of the Low Carb Diet

Proponents of Low-carbohydrate diets claim that in order to lose weight, a person should severely lower his carbohydrate intake so that the body goes into a ketogenic state. That's when the body feeds off of body fat for energy. However, researchers discovered that people on low-carb diets do not really lose actual body fat, instead they lose muscle glycogen which quickly leads to muscle loss (this also happens to people on low-calorie diets). (The body stores carbohydrate, mostly in your liver and muscles, in the form of glycogen.) Low Carb Dieters also lose water weight since glycogen carries a lot of water. For this reason, people look slimmer when going on low-carb diets. However,

Bad Diet is The Biggest Cause of Early Death in the World!

According to the most comprehensive study ever conducted on the subject, bad diet is a factor in one in five deaths around the world. The study was based at the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington and Global Burden of Disease, and compiled data from every country in the world. They also found that High blood glucose levels contribute to early death because high blood glucose levels can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, high body mass index (BMI) which is a measure of obesity, and high total cholesterol. All of these can be related to eating the wrong foods. Surprisingly, the study found that eating a lot of red meat is not as big a risk to

The Opioid Epidemic & 7 Ways to Relieve Pain Naturally

The opioid epidemic which is plaguing the United States is responsible for the deaths of more than 27,000 people each year and the number is continuing to rise. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that in 2015, about 38% of the entire population, or 92 million adults, in the U.S. were prescribed opioid medication such as Percocet or OxyContin. Doctors are overprescribing and many are receiving heavy kickbacks and bonuses from pharmaceutical companies for every prescription they write. This is a dangerous game, as opioids are highly addictive drugs with pose serious health risks. 80% of the global opioid supply is consumed by Americans. The CDC reported that over 1,000 peo

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