Mr. Brinks (The Importance Of Appreciating Our Healthy Bodies)

My office phone rang and on the other end of the line was the representative of a well-known medical aid fund in Israel. The caller asked me if I knew a certain individual; the name he mentioned was a former student of mine, an earnest and soft-spoken young man who learns Torah with total dedication. I answered that of course I knew him, and asked if something was wrong. The caller said yes – my former student had some strange virus that attacked his liver and virtually destroyed it. He needed a liver transplant that would cost some $330,000. The caller said that the young man had listed me as a reference. The medical aid funds are bombarded with requests, so before they help someone, they w

Weight Loss in Miami in 3 Easy Steps!

Miami is the Sunshine Capitol of the United States. Therefore when it comes to weight loss, we have an advantage over other Americans. However, many Miami locals fail to take advantage of the gift of sunshine that we are blessed with all year round. How to Lose Weight in Miami in 3 Easy Steps 1) Bask In The Sun For At Least 20 Minutes A DAY Studies have shown that when you have adequate vitamin D levels, your body releases more leptin. Leptin is the hormone that tells us we are full. When you have enough vitamin D in your bloodstream, fat cells stop making and storing fat. But when vitamin D levels are low, levels of PTH and calcitrol hormones rise. High levels of these hormones turn your

Overriding Nature

People have emotional breakdowns when their spiritual awareness breaks down. A person can only live a genuinely good life when he or she has spiritual awareness; that means living with emuna. The way to cope with times of trouble and turbulence is to remind ourselves that Hashem is with us, and that everything He does is loving-kindness. The Kamarna Rebbe says anyone who remembers during challenging times that Hashem is with him and that everything Hashem does is pure compassion invokes Divine compassion upon himself without even praying. A person who doesn't have this level of emuna is capable of mitigating stern judgments with profuse prayer, but he won't have the power to trigger salvatio

GMOs May Contribute To The Rise in IBS & Crohn's

What are GMOs doing to our Digestive Health? Everybody knows that GMOs are bad. Yet, many are not doing much to avoid consuming GMOs. Everytime I see a child eating a 'perfect' shiny GMO apple I cringe. To fully understand the dangers of GMOs we have to understand what GMOs are doing to our bodies. Since GMO's are lurking in the majority of processed foods (Seventy percent of processed foods contain hidden GMO ingredients such as High fructose corn syrup (which can be labeled as fructose), corn starch, and GM soy (soy lecithin), its important to understand what GMOs are doing to our bodies. BT TOXIN IN GMO CROPS May LEAD to THE DEVELOPMENT OF DIGESTIVE DISORDERS LIKE IBS & CROHN'S GM crop

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