How to Combat Your Child's Mood Swings Naturally

To properly combat mood swings in children there are many things parents can do. Children (and adults) should consume a carbohydrate rich meal at least once daily without adding meats/eggs/dairy etc.... Here, whole grain organic bread is the ideal choice. Start off the day with a slice or two of stone ground bread sprinkled with sea salt and a glass of water. This is called Pat Shacharit (morning bread) which is recommended in the Talmud. Our wise Sages in the Talmud explained that Pat Shacharit heals 83 illnesses both spiritual and physical! (To read more about the healing benefits of Morning Bread click here) Stone ground bread will provide the carbs without the blood sugar roller co

The Link Between Sugar Cravings and Autism, ADHD, Learning Delays, and Depression

There is one thing that children with ADHD, Autism, behavioral disorders, depression, and cognitive delays share, and that is food allergies. Food allergies can affect different areas of the body such as the gastrointestinal system and even the brain. Symptoms of brain allergies include hyperactivity, learning delays, anger, depression, and brain fog. One of the top offending foods is Sugar. Many kids literally have brain allergies to sugar. Typically when we think of sugar we think of brown and white sugar. White Sugar is usually made from GMO sugar beets or sugar cane. GMO sugar beets are heavily sprayed with cancer causing Roundup herbicide. White sugar can also be obtained from h

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