The Bread That Outsmarts Diabetes

It is universally acknowledged that people with high blood sugar levels have a higher risk of infection. High blood sugar levels can weaken the patient's immune system defenses, impairing the ability of white blood cells to come to the site of an infection, stay in the infected area, and kill microorganisms. .In addition, diabetes-related health issues, such as nerve damage and reduced blood flow to the extremities,increase the body's vulnerability to infection. According to Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, “People with diabetes, heart disease, lung disease and other serious underlying conditions are more likely to develo

The Dangers of Prolonged Ventilator Use

Critically ill patients who have been mechanically ventilated for more than seven days are at greatly increased risk for functional impairment and mortality at one year following discharge from the intensive care unit (ICU), according to a study presented at the 2015 American Thoracic Society International Conference. "Prolonged mechanical ventilation has a significant impact on the long-term well-being of patients," said Margaret Herridge. MD, MPH. of the University of Toronto. "In our study of nearly 400 ICU patients, we were able to identify a number of characteristics that predicted subsequent disability. Knowing these risk factors can help guide their rehabilitation needs." Source: htt

In Response to the "Letter"

Today, 3 Miami hospitals accepted 12 sick crew members from a Costa cruise ship for treatment. Jackson Health System, the University of Miami Health System and Baptist Health welcomed the Costa cruise ships’ passengers. “While we are all committed to preserving resources for our own residents, an international community like Miami would never turn our backs on people aboard ships at our shores,” Tania Leets, a spokeswoman for Jackson Health System, wrote in a statement released Thursday night. Why aren't locals protesting that? Why are we only protesting against visitors from New York who may not even be carriers? At this critical time in history I would like to respond to a recent letter

Coronavirus: How to Support Your Immune System Naturally

Healthy cells cannot succumb to viral attack. This is the rule. Recent events highlight the fact that we must heed the advice of our ancient Torah scholars like the Rambam (Mainomidies) who stated "ALL DISEASES THAT CAN BE TREATED THROUGH DIET SHOULD NOT BE TREATED BY ANY OTHER MEANS." Having a strong immune system is one of the most important factors for staying healthy and preventing illness. While many people realize that junk food is unhealthy to consume, most still do not comprehend the devastating effect bad diet has on the immune system in particular. Researchers at the University of Bonn conducted a study on a group of mice to explore the immune systems response to junk food. Th

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