Is Vitamin C Safe Cure For COVID-19

With the coronavirus still spreading and much attention directed at social distancing and wearing useless face masks, one of the most effective, controversial, yet surprisingly simple steps are being ignored. After a series of clinical trials, the Chinese government declared that high doses of intravenous vitamin C may be used to treat coronavirus. The administered amount varies, but is usually between 4,000 and 16,000 milligrams in adults. In a statement made by the Xi'an Jiaotang University Second Hospital, doctors stressed the importance of vitamin C and stated that all patients with acute respiratory symptoms should immediately be placed on IV vitamin C treatment. In fact, even in so

All Roads Lead Back to The Vaccine Controversy

When the measles "outbreak" (very few deaths) erupted in NY last year and unvaccinated children were kicked out of schools and synagogues, I knew that it was the beginning of a tragedy. Many parents were forced to vaccinate their children against their wishes to keep their kids in schools. The unvaccinated were effectively put in cherem (excommunication) in certain communities. Now, I believe that NY state is paying a steep price for their collective behavior. New Yorkers are the ones being discriminated against as spreaders of Covid-19. They are afraid to travel, afraid to say they're from NY. I disagree with this discrimination just as I didn't agree with the discrimination against th

Rabbi Jailed for Recommending Prayer & Healthy Diet to Cure Woman's Cancer

Rabbi Eliezer Berland was arrested in February of this year for recommending that a woman follow a healthy diet to cure her cancer. He also accepted a $5,000 donation to pray for her in what is known as a pidyon nefesh. Rabbi Berland is a prominent Rabbi who prays night and day for people. Thousands of people flock to him every year asking for help with all sorts of problems. He has put himself on the line time and time again to help. He visits the homes of the sick, bringing them hope. He helped people I know with sincerity and self sacrifice. He and his wife live very simply. The true story is that this woman and her husband didn't want chemotherapy for her cancer. She had gone the t

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