Hydroxychloroquine: Increases Risk of Heart Failure

Worldwide, immunosupressive anti-malarial drugs called chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine sales are booming. Some consider it an effective drug for fighting the coronavirus. However, the side effects of this drug are so severe and widely recognized, that even CDC leaders are questioning if this drug should even be considered for treating SARS-Cov-2. In one study, U.S. veterans suffering from the coronavirus placed on ventilators, were divided into roughly three categories. Group A, composed of 97 patients, received hydroxychloroquine by itself. Group B, composed of 113 patients, received hydroxychloroquine with the antibiotic, Azithromycin. And group C, composed of 158 patients, received

The True Figures for Deaths in Florida by Covid-19 are less than .00025 Percent

The truth: the number of Covid-19 deaths are lower than the yearly flu. In the state of Florida, supposedly 5,000 people died. This number is probably exaggerated considering that doctors label many deaths as deaths by Covid because they get paid to do so. It seems that hospitals can charge Medicaid and Medicare an extra 20 percent for treating a COVID-19 patient under the CARES Act approved by Congress to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. These numbers also grew because of the many patients died from being put on a ventilator. In fact a new JAMA study showed that 88% of people put on ventilator in NY hospitals died. So should these deaths be labeled death by Covid or death by ventilator?

Study shows 88% of NY Patients Put on Ventilators Died: Nurses share testimonies: Its Time To Sue!

According to a new study, Around 88% of patients with COVID-19 who were put on ventilators in New York hospitals died. In this new JAMA study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers analyzed data from 5,700 patients who were hospitalized from March 1 to April 4 through Northwell Health, the largest health system in New York. Of those patients, 2,634 were discharged or had died by the end of the study, and 320 patients with a recorded outcome were put on ventilators. Nearly 9 in 10 of those ventilated patients died. Around 76% of ventilated patients between the ages of 18 and 65 died, and 97%, of ventilated patients over the age of 65 died, according to the

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