70% of the Immune System Lies in the Gut: Can the cure for viral illness lie in the Gut?

With coronavirus hysteria mounting and billions of taxpayer dollars being spent on supposed medical cures, a simple fact is being overlooked: 70% of the Immune System lies in the gut, along the gut wall where the lymph nodes are present. This means that the entire body's defense system relies upon the digestive system. A healthy digestive system is vital for immune strength & support. In the highly informative book The Kosher Gut Plan by Leah Masel (available at Joseph's Organic Bakery), the author explains how the immune system & our gut bacteria work together. In fact, a recent study at the University of Science and Technology of China and published on the preprint medRxiv* in August 20

German Germaphobia & Typhus Epidemic Led to the Holocaust: Will History Repeat Itself?

What we have been taught about the creation of the ghettos and concentration camps during WWII is only half true. We have been led to believe that the ghettos and the gas chambers were created by the Germans during WWII in the years 1940-1945. In reality, the creation of the ghettos began decades before the Holocaust during WWI when the German medical establishment spread fears of the typhus epidemic. They weren't called ghettos back then, they were called quarantine areas and internment camps. And the idea of delousing baths, with zyklon B, which led to the creation of the gas chambers was also put into use by the Germans decades before the war. Typhus is a disease carried by lice and fl

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