Singapore Halts Flu Vaccines After 59 Deaths in South Korea from the Flu Shot (Op-ed)

Singapore has temporarily halted the use of two flu shots after about 59 people who received them in South Korea died. That doesn't include people who experienced injuries, or severe side effects. The two influenza vaccinations are the SKYCellflu Quadrivalent, manufactured by South Korea’s SK Bioscience, and VaxigripTetra, manufactured by Paris-based Sanofi. The SKYCellflu shot is distributed locally by AJ Biologics, while the VaxigripTetra is distributed locally by Sanofi Aventis. Nonetheless, U.S. Forces Korea ordered troops to get flu shots by Dec. 1, saying Tuesday that the vaccine issued by the Defense Department is safe and inoculation is especially important this year due to the coron

Your DNA & Personal Information Is No Longer Yours if you've Taken a COVID Test

If you've gotten tested for the virus, you should know that your personal data and DNA has been exposed. Every one of those nasal swabs contains millions of your cells and your DNA can easily be extracted from every sample. The popular corona test is a molecular test that supposedly isolates the RNA of a virus. (It is not the same as the antibody test which tests your blood and can also be easily used to isolate your DNA). All labs in the U.S.A. doing covid testing are required by law to submit all test results to the Department of Health and Human Services. The HIPAA privacy laws that protect your personal health (medical) information, do not protect your genetic sequencing. Currently t

Trump's Operation Warp Speed Poses a Threat to our Health

Trump, Fauci & the medical establishment are planning on unleashing a vaccine within a month. With Trump's Nov 3rd deadline looming, manufacturers are scrambling to finish their vaccine trials. The vaccines being tested contain a host of different ingredients including aborted baby fetal cells, heavy metals, nanoparticles, adjuvants, genetically modified human & animal DNA, and synthetic DNA just to name a few. Many of these vaccines will be made with aborted baby fetal cells. These vaccines will contain human and animal DNA. These vaccines are designed to change our DNA. The pharmaceutical industries want us to become genetically modified humans. What makes all this even more crazy is

How to Support Your Immune System Naturally to Fight Any Virus

Healthy cells cannot succumb to viral attack. This is the rule. Recent events highlight the fact that we must heed the advice of our ancient Torah scholars like the Rambam (Mainomidies) who stated "ALL DISEASES THAT CAN BE TREATED THROUGH DIET SHOULD NOT BE TREATED BY ANY OTHER MEANS." Having a strong immune system is one of the most important factors for staying healthy and preventing illness. While many people realize that junk food is unhealthy to consume, most still do not comprehend the devastating effect bad diet has on the immune system in particular. Researchers at the University of Bonn conducted a study on a group of mice to explore the immune systems response to junk food. Th

Jewish Residents in Brooklyn Rightly Protest Cuomo's Restrictive Measures

NY Governor Cuomo just imposed new restrictions specifically targeting nine Orthodox neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens. Houses of worship in "hot spots" will be limited to 10 people, gatherings limited to 10 people, non-essential businesses closed, etc... Taking to the streets, Brooklyn residents protesting these measures were enraged at the obviously Anti-Semitic tone Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio have taken. They feel they have been singled out as a scapegoat for the supposed spike in covid cases. "This is Nazi Germany" one protester said. Heshy Tischler, who spoke at the protest, stated "I have a message to you Mr Mayor and Mr Cuomo, We beat you in court, the court order still stands w

President Trump: Friend of Foe to Israel?

On September 15, President Trump, Kushner, and Netanyahu along with representatives of the U.A.E. and Bahrain signed the Abraham Peace Accords in Washington. What a farce! Under no circumstance should this be considered a peace deal. It was an arms deal between the U.S. and the UAE, with the U.S. promising F-35 stealth fighter planes, EA-18 electronic jets, and Reaper drones in order to get them to come to the table. It was also a business meeting, with all sides brokering deals. But what was the price Israel had to pay for the "opportunity" to have diplomatic relations with countries who for years had been openly anti-Israel? Netanyahu "gave up" the West Bank, gave up the right for it t

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