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Eating healthy while worrying about WEIGHT LOSS, BLOOD SUGAR, or DIGESTIVE TROUBLES is difficult & confusing. Many people just don't have the time to work in the kitchen preparing food all day.  Others are frustrated by lack of results. Our breads & products take the headache out of healthy eating.  We have introduced a revolutionary concept: THE BREAD DIET. 


Bread is a SUPERFOOD and has been for thousands of years. Our propietary grinding and preparation process ensures optimum nutrients and enzymes in every loaf. We stone grind our ancient grains daily. Our breads are free of toxic bromides, bleach, dough conditioners, and chemicals commonly found in most breads.  We have brought back the ancient method of bread baking.

Our dietary programs are suited for people looking to lose weight, manage their blood sugar, and control their IBS & Crohn's symptoms. 


Please check out our video testimonials. ​

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