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Dr Sebi Bread &
Diet Programs

Joseph's Organic Bakery is the only Dr Sebi bakery in the United States. All of our breads and cakes are made with Dr Sebi approved kamut grain.


Kamut is an ancient grain which has anti-inflammatory properties.  Kamut is Dr Sebi approved because it was not hybridized like modern wheat.  In fact, some ancient grains like Kamut were lost for a long time. Thankfully, kamut is being revived around the world. We believe that Joseph from the Bible used Kamut grain in Egypt. 


We bake bread like in the Biblical times.  We stone grind our kamut grain fresh daily for optimal nutritional content.  Then we ferment our breads to create a healthy probiotic rich-sourdough bread. 




All of our breads & cakes are made with wholegrain kamut (except for our Einkorn Bread). We never use refined or white flour. Our unique preparation process ensures optimal health benefits. We use 100% Whole grain organic kamut. No bromides or artificial dough risers.  Our entire bakery is Sugar Free.  

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Dr Sebi Alkaline

30 Day Diet Plan for


At Joseph's Organic Bakery we bake bread with the HIGHEST NUTRIENT TO CALORIE RATIO Possible. 


We don't count calories or carbs.  We focus on making every bite count. 


If the body is properly nourished then food cravings will disappear.

Our weight loss diet program incorporates bread, teas, fermented foods.


While most people would dismiss the idea of consuming bread as part of a weight loss management program, actually the opposite is true.  Proper bread promotes physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Our Bread is also the best natural source of Vitamin E found in the wheat germ. Vitamin E is vital for many important bodily functions. Stone ground Bread was a staple food for thousands of years for a reason.  


Our Kamut Bread is made with wholegrain kamut ancient grain flour that we stone grind in-house every day optimal nutritional content. 


Then we ferment our bread. Our unique preparation method ensures that every loaf we bake is full of vitamins probiotics fiber and enzymes.  Additionally studies have shown that KAMUT lowers blood sugar and aids weight loss. 


When you eat real bread you will lose weight.  How?  Food is Medicine. The safest way to lose weight is not to cut out carbs. The muscles and brain need carbs to function. The key is to choose healthy carbs that nourish the body and keep you full.

Check out our Dr Sebi friendly Weight Loss program by clicking on this link:

Dr Sebi Alkaline

30 Day

Our blood sugar support program incorporates bread, teas and unique herbal supplements.  This Diabetic Support Program is a 1 month starter program.  Food is Medicine. The safest way to balance blood sugar and lose weight is to eat healthy food.

The modern diet of processed foods is causing a diabetes and obesity epidemic. Processed foods cause blood sugar highs and lows. This wears down the pancreas leading to diabetes. Your daily diet will make or break your health.

Stone ground Bread was a staple food for thousands of years for a reason. 


 We stone grind our kamut ancient grain fresh every day for optimal nutrient levels. Most store bought is made with old flour which has no nutrients left. Even wholegrain flour has between 20-50% of the healthy bran and wheat germ removed to promote store shelf stability.

To find out more info click on the link below

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Dr Sebi Kamut Bread

48 Hour Sourdough Fermentation

Our Dr. Sebi Alkaline Sourdough Bread is made with wholegrain kamut flour.


We stone grind our kamut grain fresh daily for optimal nutrients.


This bread does not contain yeast or even a sourdough starter. It is the healthiest purest bread on earth.

Our Dr Sebi bread has only 3 ingredient: organic kamut, water, sea salt.

Our unique preparation process ensures that our bread is alkalizing and cleansing. 

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Sea Moss Gel

Our Gold Sea Moss is wildcrafted from the pristine oceans of St. Lucia.  Our Sea moss gel is made in small batches every week inhouse to ensure the highest quality possible. Works together with a Dr Sebi alkaline diet. Our Sea Moss gel combined with our Stone Ground Kamut Bread will help alkalize and remineralize the body while leaving you full and satisfied.

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