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Immune System Support Kit

Chomeisu- Japanese Green Superfood   $180 (30 day supply)

Chomeisu is a unique Japanese Green SUPERFOOD that supports the immune system and alkalizes the body. It provides energy and helps detoxification.     


38 Herb & Mushroom Tea   $65 per box

Mushrooms have strong immune Boosting Properties.

At Joseph's Organic Bakery we source the absolute highest quality mushroom tea from Japan. Our 38 Mushroom and Herb Tea is amazing.  Drink about 3 cups a day for immune support.

CBD Oil- 1500mg $175    Full Spectrum. This is the real deal. The absolute highest quality CBD on the market.

Fucaidan- Fermented Brown Seaweed  $175 (1 Month supply)

Fucaidan is fermented brown seaweed. It provides STRONG Immune Support. Laboratory studies suggest that it can prevent the growth of cancer cells and has antiviral, neuroprotective, and immune-modulating effects. The highest quality fucaidan is Available at Joseph's Organic Bakery.

Our Stone Ground Kamut Bread-

The Talmud states "V'haser Hashem mimcha kol choli" Translation: "And Hashem (G-d) will remove from you all disease" (Tractate Baba Metzia 107:2). The Talmud goes on to say that there are 83 ailments that are cured by simply eating Pat Shacharit, Morning Bread, which is (proper) bread with salt in the morning and a jug of water. According to the Talmud we should start off our day with this protocol, which will prevent and heal us from sickness. Unfortunately, most breads today are toxic. At Joseph's Organic Bakery we make bread like in ancient times. We stone grind our grains fresh daily. We use Kamut, which is low in gluten and has not been hybridized like modern wheat. Our special preparation process ensures optimal vitamin and enzyme content. Our Kamut bread helps control blood sugar levels and eases digestion. Start off your day with 2 slices with sea salt and water as recommended by the Talmud.

8 loaves (2 week supply) $120   This bread freezes for 2-3 months

Immune Defense- $60

Dr Sebi was famous for his herbal remedies. One of his formulas called Immune Defense fights off body invaders by providing antioxidants and resistance to infections. Available at Joseph's Organic Bakery.

To Support the Immune System it is wise to avoid all Sugar (including brown and white sugar, corn syrup, rice syrup, agave etc.). Sugar Feeds bacteria and illness. Avoid white bread, pasta, trans fats, junk food, meat, fish, most dairy (except goat kefir) as these foods promote inflammation in the body. Drink freshly squeezed oranges and grapefruits, eat raw and cooked green vegetables to alkalize the body. Eat stone ground Kamut Bread first thing in the morning with salt and water, as recommended by the Talmud.  

Vitamin D strengthens the lungs. To find out more please read this article  

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