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Joseph's  Organic Bakery

At Joseph's Organic Bakery Discover our healthy Stone Ground Artisan Breads, Vegan Cakes & Cookies. We are a kosher Shomer Shabbos bakery. Our breads and cakes are made with organic kamut grain that we stone grind fresh daily for optimal nutritional content. Our proprietary grinding and preparation process ensures optimum NUTRIENTS and enzymes in every loaf.

  • Our breads are Diabetic friendly, IBS & Crohn's Friendly, and support Weight Loss.

  • Our bakery is Kosher, Vegan, Organic, Sugar Free, Soy Free, Corn Free, No trans fatty oils, no gums. No artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, no bromides, no chemicals.

  • Your health matters.

Certified Kosher Pas Yisrael by International Kosher Mehadrin Rabbi Berel Simpser. For local Miami Same Day pickup or for delivery rates please call to confirm. For all states except Florida we offer Next Day Air shipping $65 Flat fee (no matter how much you order it's the same shipping fee) or 2 day ground $18 Flat Fee. Free out of state shipping for orders above $275. Please call 954-541-4062 for more info.

Stone Ground Bread

Our Stone Ground Breads are made with organic wholegrain kamut that we stone grind in-house. Our preparation method ensures optimal nutritional content. Our breads are Dr. Sebi diet friendly. Low in Gluten, Vegan, Sugar Free, Organic, Pas Yisrael.. No artificial dough risers. Unbleached, Unbromated flour. Only organic tasty goodness! Aids in Blood Sugar Management & Supports Healthy Weight Loss.



18228 West Dixie Hwy.   North Miami, FL    Phone: 954-541-4062              




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