The Little Known Miracle Herb for Cancer Diabetes and Weight Loss

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Chomeiso is an ancient herb from the parsley family, found in the Okinawa region of Japan. Growing on the mineral-rich, sea-battered cliffs of the island, the herb is thought to have a much higher mineral content than spinach or kale due to its proximity to the ocean. Famous in Japan, chomeiso is virtually unheard of in the rest of the world. Chomeiso is Japanese for longevity grass.

The people from Okinawa are known to have a long life expectancy. Not only do they live longer, but the elderly from Okinawa tend to be healthier than their western counterparts. Statistics show that elderly people from Okinawa only have a fifth of the rate of cardiovascular disease, a fifth of the rate of breast cancer, and a third of the rate of dementia in comparison to elderly Americans. Although this is primarily due to their traditional Okinawa diet, their daily consumption of chomeiso is a contributing factor. In multiple studies, chomeiso has been proven to be very effective in keeping the body in an overall healthy state. But it doesn't end there.


One Taiwanese study showed that chomeiso is very effective in combating cancer. The participants in the study suffered from either Chronic Lymphocytic Leukeimia (CLL) or colon cancer. CLL is a type of cancer which affects the bone, bone marrow, as well as the blood. People diagnosed with this cancer tend to have slowly deteriorating bone health to the point where every movement causes agonizing pain. Colon cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in America.

In this amazing study both groups were given chomeiso for seven to eight weeks. The participants with colon cancer experienced lowered free radical production. Even more interesting was the halt of rapid cell multiplication activity, thus preventing and reducing cancerous tumor growth in the colon.

The group suffering from CLL also saw major improvements in their condition. Similar to the colon cancer group, the CLL group saw a serious reduction in metastatic activity when circulating tumor cell growth was halted. Additionally, the CLL group saw increased bone strength and flexibility. Chomeisu's high calcium levels probably contributed to this surprising effect. Members of both groups also experienced weight loss.


Chomeiso has been proven to promote weight loss. In one study, researchers divided a group of rats into two. Group A were given chomeiso while group B received nothing. Both groups were on an equal high-fat diet. Scientists detected a tremendous decrease in overall body weight as well as a reduction in abdominal and subcutaneous fat in group A. Weight gain was only detected in group B.

Chomeiso's anti-obesity effects are attributed to it's strong fibrous nature, and due to the fact that it contains a compound called pteryxin. Pteryxin is a natural slimming agent known to reduce the adipocytes, otherwise known as fat cells. Although pteryxin is sold in isolated form as a supplement, pteryxin is more readily accepted by the body in it's natural form. Chomeiso is special in that its pteryxin levels are very high and even more easily assimilated into the body than pteryxin from other food sources. This may be because Chomeisu contains an array of other nutrients as well. In the same study, researchers also found that chomeiso lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow.

A final piece of research proves chomeiso's effects in preventing heart disease and stroke. In a Taiwanese study, male participants were shown to have a decreased chance of developing blood clots because of chomeiso's natural anti-platelet effect. Blood clots are formed from platelet aggregation (when the platelets in the blood form together). Blood clots play a major role in heart disease and stroke.

Chomeisu is also great for overall alkalization of the body and for those wishing to boost their calcium levels.

In addition, studies have shown that people taking chomeiso have more energy, better sleep, stabilized blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and an overall sense of well being.

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