Dragon's Blood, also known as Sangre de Grado, is from the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. Used by the natives for a multitude of problems one of which is stomach ulcers. It comes from the the Croton Lechleri tree in the Amazon and is in reference to the thick red resin sap that comes from the tree. This resin has many incredible properties and is used for wounds because it dries like a liquid bandage. It also supports a host of other problems.

Digestive Support*

Supports Wound & Skin Healing* 

Diarrhea Relief*

Intestinal Cramps*

Ingredients: 100% Pure Sangre de Drago sap from the Croton lechleri tree. High Quality Pure Product from a trusted source.


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Dragon's Blood Sangre de Grado for Digestive Supports & Wound Healing