Joseph's Homemade Sauerkraut

Joseph's Organic Sauerkraut

Most store bought sauerkraut is heated & pasteurized to make it shelf-stable. However, the pasteurization process destroys the active & live enzymes and bacterial cultures that are beneficial for the digestive process and immune system.  Even many "raw" sauerkrauts are made using whey starters to save time.  At Joseph's Organic Bakery , we never heat or pasteurize the final product.  We use the ancient traditional method of making sauerkraut, just sea salt &  cabbage fermented for weeks to ensure a product that is rich in beneficial enzymes, probiotics, and vitamin C. We make our sauerkraut by hand in small batches.  Our sauerkraut great for digestive & immune system support. We're Kosher, Organic & Vegan. The taste is unbelievable. Crispy, tangy & fresh!

Benefits of Joseph's Sauerkraut:

-Raw and alive rich in beneficial probiotic bacteria and enzymes.
-Kosher & Organic

- no vinegar
- no preservatives
- vegan dairy free
- great source of Vitamin C
- helps immune system fight infections
- aids digestion
- no heat processing
- made with certified organic vegetables & sea salt 
- made by hand in small batches

If it’s on a shelf or in a can -don't buy it- the probiotics & enzymes are dead! A shelf-stable product might be easier to sell,  but it does nothing for your health.  The Healthiest Sauerkraut Must be refrigerated. (Don't discard the sauerkraut water - it tastes great added to soups & dressings)

Our sauerkraut comes in 2 delicious flavors:

1) PLAIN  $24.95 per 16 oz jar

(made with cabbage, sea salt, and carrots)

2) GARLIC RED PEPPER  $24.95 per 16 oz jar

(made with cabbage, sea salt, garlic, red pepper, and carrots)

To order our sauerkraut please call 954-541-4062 or

place your order by email: 

We ship nationwide- Next Day Air to preserve freshness

Ice pack Provided.

Please refrigerate upon receiving.




18228 West Dixie Hwy.   North Miami, FL    Phone: 954-541-4062              




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