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Yale Study Reveals Link Between Vaccines and Mental Disorders: Are Vaccines Really 'Kosher'?

A recent study from Pennsylvania State and Yale University has revealed that there may be an connection between vaccines and the onset of disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anorexia nervosa, and anxiety disorders.

The researchers found that children who had been given the flu vaccine were significantly more likely to develop some type of mental disorder. Furthermore, the researchers found that getting the vaccine within the last year was “associated with incident diagnoses of Anorexia, OCD, and an anxiety disorder.”

The risk of developing OCD increased about 25% following the flu vaccine. The risk asscociation between Anorexia nervosa and the flu vaccine was astounding. Within 3 months after vaccination, children had an 80 percent increase in the risk of being diagnosed with an eating disorder!

As a mother, one of the things that concerns me the most is the current vaccine schedule in the United States. And the reason I am concerned is because children in America are sick. In the United States, children receive as many as 49 doses of 14 vaccinations before age six. You would think that the vaccination campaign would have eradicated all childhood diseases. But has this happened! No. In fact, all I hear about is children who have died of cancer or are dying of cancer, children with autism and mental retardation, children with learning and developmental issues, children with failing kidneys, children with chronic muscle pain and arthritis, and children with life threatening allergies and asthma.

I believe that all parents should be informed of all vaccine risks. I think that parents should carefully research everything there is to know about vaccines before deciding to vaccinate their children. I believe that parents should be able to make an informed choice. Be aware, that if something goes wrong as a result of the vaccinations, medical providers generally cannot and most likely will not take responsibility. If something goes wrong, you will be on your own. Therefore, the decision to vaccinate remains and should remain with the parents after all research has been done about vaccine safety, risks, benefits, and efficacy.

Lets take a quick look at some of the vaccines most American children receive:

Heb B- Vaccine Ingredients:

Hep B: Two vaccines are currently offered in the U.S. Merck's Recombivax HB and GlaxoSmith Kline’s Engerix-B. Merck's Recombivax HB contains 5 mcg of Hepatitis B surface antigen, treated in phosphate buffer with formaldehyde (a perservative used in morgues), plus 200-250mcg of aluminum (heavy metal). GlaxoSmith Kline's Engerix-B contains aluminum, sodium chloride, and "trace amounts of thimerosal."(thimerosal is 50% mercury)

Facts about Hepatitis B: Newborn babies are not at risk of contracting Hepatitis B disease unless the mother is infected. So, instead of simply screening expectant mothers for Hep B, millions of babies are vaccinated for a disease that they won’t get unless they start doing drugs.

The amount of aluminum in the Hepatitis B vaccine alone is 250 mcg, almost 14 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF ALUMINUM THAT IS FDA-APPROVED. The suggested aluminum per kg of weight to give to a person is up to 5mcg. (so a 5 pounds baby should get no more than 11mcg of aluminum.) Anything that has more than 25 mcg of aluminum is *supposed* to have a warning label.

The hepatitis B vaccine is made from the blood of human donors infected with hepatitis B. There is concern that pathogens from the blood could infect those receiving the vaccines.

MMR Vaccine Ingredients:

In the U.S. the current manufacturer is Merck & Company Inc. The MMR II contains live attenuated measles and mumps viruses grown in chicken embryo cell culture, plus the Wistar RA 27/3 strain of live attenuated rubella virus cultivated In WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts. (Studies show that this rubella strain was cultured in aborted human fetus). The growth medium for three live viruses is a buffered salt solution supplemented with fetal bovine serum. Other ingredients include sucrose, phosphate, glutamate, recombinant human albumin, sorbitol, hydrolyzed gelatin stabilizer, and approximately 25 mcg of neomycin (an antibiotic).

The warning on the vaccine package insert that you can get from any doctor administering the MMR II vaccine warns that "due caution should be employed in administration of MMR II to a person with a history of cerebral injury, individual or family histories of convulsions..." The live measles vaccine and live mumps vaccine are produced in chick embryo cell culture.

The package insert states that: "Persons with a history of anaphylactic, anaphylactoid, or other immediate reaction (e.g. hives, swelling of the mouth and throat, difficulty breathing, hypotension or shock) subsequent to egg ingestion may be at an enhanced risk of immediate-type hypersensitivity reactions after receiving vaccines containing trace amounts of chick embryo antigen... Persons who have experienced anaphylactic reactions topically or systemically administered neomycin should not receive the measles vaccine..."

My question is: How are we supposed to know if a baby is allergic to eggs or neomycin (an antibiotic) unless allergy tests have been performed in advance?

Adverse reactions to the MMR II vaccine as listed on the vaccine package include: fever, encephalitis (brain inflammation), measles inclusion body encephalitis, vomiting, diarrhea, atypical measles, diabetes mellitis, arthritis, Guillian-Barre syndrome, febrile convulsions, afebrile convulsions or seizures, measles like rash, nerve deafness, polyneuropathy, and death.

Possible adverse reactions to MMR vaccine as reported by many parents include: autism, encephalitis, neurological disorders, Crohn's disease, meningitis, ulcerative colitis, seizure disorders, muscle incordination, Guillian-Barre syndrome (paralysis), and death.

Flu Vaccine

In the U.S. five flu vaccines are currently used: Fluzone, Fluvarin, Fluarix, Afluria, and FluLaval. To make a flu vaccine, chick embryos are inoculated with influenza virus. Then each flu strain is inactivated with formaldehyde, and preserved with thimerosal, a mercury derivative. Many flu vaccines contain 25mcg of mercury per dose! Flu vaccines may also contain polythethylene glycol, polysorbate 80, hydrocortisone, neomycin, and polymyxin(antibiotics), sodium deoxycholate, MDG, and porcine(pig) gelatin.

A fluorescent light bulb only contains 3.5 mcg of mercury- and if it is broken the EPA suggests to air out the room for 15 minutes because mercury vapor has been released, then to safely dispose of the broken pieces without touching it with your bare hands. In the flu vaccine, 25 mcg of mercury is being injected straight into the blood vessels of babies, pregnant women, and the elderly. The Flulaval insert says: "In addition to reports in clinical trials, the following adverse events have been identified during postapproval use of Flulaval... vomiting, chest pain, allergic edema of the mouth, anaphylaxis, laryngitis, cellulitis, muscle, weakness, arthritis, dizziness, paresthesia, tremor, somnolence, Guillian-Barre syndrome, convulsions / seizures, facial or cranial nerve paralysis, encephalopathy, limb paralysis, insomnia, dyspnea, sweating."

The package insert also admits "Safety and effectiveness of Flulaval have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers or children." It also admits that no studies have been done to test for cancer risks: “Flulaval has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility."

Aluminum in Vaccines

SO how much aluminum is in the vaccines that are routinely given to children?

  • Hib (PedVaxHib brand only) - 225 mcg per shot

  • Hepatitis B - 250 mcg

  • DTaP - depending on the manufacturer, ranges from 170 to 625 mcg

  • Pneumococcus - 125 mcg

  • Hepatitis A - 250 mcg

  • HPV - 225 mcg

  • Pentacel (DTaP, HIB and Polio combo vaccine) - 330 mcg

  • Pediarix (DTaP, Hep B and Polio combo vaccine) – 850 mcg

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