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Autism: When the Body and Soul Disconnect

With an autism diagnosis, the special gifts that were unique to your child become hidden to the point where many parents wonder "Where is my child? He was there a minute ago and now he's gone."

When autism begins, it's as if the soul is blocked; It's still connected to the body, but its behind a thick curtain. Typically, autistic children don't make eye contact. The eye is the window to the soul. They also don't speak. It seems that the soul is unable to communicate.

"There was still a child who required feeding, washing, and minding but there was no soul in that child. She was invisible." These are the words of Melanie Glock describing what happened to her daughter Maisie after she became autistic. (page 80 Mother Warriors by Jenny McCarthy)

There is also a lot of anger burning inside many autistic children. The reason for this is because they were not born ill- they are not supposed to be like this. These children were born healthy and they yearn to become healthy again.

Parents of autistic children who recover are actually blown away by how sweet, loving, and affectionate their children really are, once their autism is gone.

So how do you remove the blockage and make the body a good resting place for the soul?

1) Remove Negative Energy: Remove heavy metals, toxins/chemicals, and bad food (sugar, corn syrup, cow's milk, trans fats, refined carbs). Anything that could be causing damage to the body. There is a saying is Psalms "Sur Merah V'aseh Tov." English Translation:"Remove that which is evil (or impure) and then do good." That is true on a spiritual level and also on a physical level. Children are pure, obviously they could not have done anything to bring on autism so other causes should be examined.

2) Prayer

3) Positive Energy- which includes healthy foods and supplements.

Autism is not just a physical problem, its a spiritual problem. For that reason only G-d can completely cure it. My family was touched by autism, and I know that recovery is possible. Most of the stories I have heard of complete recovery from autism involved a lot of prayer.

In the book Impossible Cure by Amy Lansky she describes how her son Max recovered from autism. A big part of the process was prayer: "Throughout the healing process I also prayed for Max on a regular basis. When times were particularly tough, I would go into his room while he was sleeping and use a form of therapeutic touch called Reiki [Stein]. I truly believe that the effects of prayer and hands-on healing are not to be underestimated." Today Max is 25 years old without a shadow of autism.


We must remember to believe. Believe 100% that G-d can heal your child of autism. Even a little doubt can hinder progress. Belief turns into reality. If you can master belief, then it's just a matter of time.

Every child is a precious gem with a special neshama (soul). It's the job of a parent to safeguard and protect that gem. If autism strikes- its our job to bring the child back. We have to pray that Hashem removes the blockage and allows the neshama to integrate fully into the body again.

"More that half of the children who lose their voices to autism never speak again. But the miracle was to be ours. Within weeks Branson had hundreds of words. He was talking. The light came back into his eyes and his soul woke up" Coral Bergmann who healed her son Branson of autism (Mother Warriors page 187).

There is hope.

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