Autism Recovery Story: Dr. Katherine & Brooke Reid

Dr. Katherine Reid is a mother of 5 and a PhD biochemist. Her daughter Brooke was diagnosed with moderate autism at age 3. She had no eye contact, she was unable to play with other children. She was expressionless. She couldn't have a conversation with anyone, all she could do was repeat words she had heard. She couldn't answer questions. She had sensitivity to light and sound.

Dr. Reid enrolled her in a special school, and in ABA therapy, but things didn't change for the better. Soon she began researching the impact that food has on the brain.

She started Brooke on a 3 phase recovery program.

Phase 1 included Nutrient Supplementation and detoxification. She gave Brooke multivitamins, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Probiotics, Omega 3's, B Complex. She put all these supplements in a morning smoothie along with vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and herbs. Giving her the smoothie was hard, but she drank it. Eventually she replaced the supplements with whole foods. She still gives Brooke this smoothie today. (To view the smoothie recipe she gives Brooke look below). Within days, Brooke had more eye contact and started responding to her name.

Three weeks later Katherine started her on phase 2: the Gluten Free Casein Free Diet. They did this for 6 months. As she explains, when milk is pasteurized (processed by food manufacturers) fat is removed and the protein chains become free, in essence increasing free glutamate in the body. The same goes for gluten, the way grains are processed today (steel milling) frees the glutamate in the protein chains, stimulating allergic reactions.

They did the GFCF diet for 6 months. Her social skills improved and communication opened. But she still wasn't able to play using her imagination. Her sensory perception problems were still there. And she had repetitive behavior. She would go through abnormal tantrums for hours on end. These tantrums were putting the family under tremendous stress.

Since she had seen improvements with diet change, Dr. Reid decided to investigate further as to what in Brooke's diet could be causing this abnormal behavior.