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GMOs May Contribute To The Rise in IBS & Crohn's

What are GMOs doing to our Digestive Health?

Everybody knows that GMOs are bad. Yet, many are not doing much to avoid consuming GMOs. Everytime I see a child eating a 'perfect' shiny GMO apple I cringe. To fully understand the dangers of GMOs we have to understand what GMOs are doing to our bodies. Since GMO's are lurking in the majority of processed foods (Seventy percent of processed foods contain hidden GMO ingredients such as High fructose corn syrup (which can be labeled as fructose), corn starch, and GM soy (soy lecithin), its important to understand what GMOs are doing to our bodies.


GM crops are pest resistant. Genetically modified crops such as GMO rice, corn, and tobacco are pest-resistant because their seeds are encoded with a bacteria called bacillus thuringiensis, also known as Bt. Bt. can be found in caterpillars before they turn into butterflies. Bt. eats the skin of the caterpillars, which allows their wings to emerge. This happens because Bt. creates pore-forming toxins and cry toxins. Cry toxins are extremely harmful and kill almost any kind of bug. GMO corn and cotton are genetically engineered to produce THEIR OWN PESTICIDES IN EVERY CELL. GMO corn and cotton are essentially mini pesticide factories.

Genetic engineers insert Bt genes into corn and cotton, so the plants themselves do the killing. When bugs bite the plant, the poison EATS THROUGH THEIR STOMACHS and kills them.

The Bt-toxin produced in GM plants is thousands of times more concentrated than natural Bt and cannot be washed off the plant. Bt. toxin in GMO foods causes tremendous harm to the stomachs of bugs who ingest it, which may explain why so many people today suffer from digestive ailments such as IBS & Crohn's.

GMO FOODS CAUSE TUMORS, INTESTINAL DAMAGE, AND PREMATURE DEATH IN ANIMAL STUDIES A study was conducted in Egypt on pest-resistant GMO corn. The two scientists in charge of the study, Ebtsam Okasha and Marwa Ibrahim M.D., divided male albino rats into two groups. Group A's diet consisted of 30% GMO corn. Group B's diet consisted of 30% Non-GMO corn. After only ninety days, the rats in group A who ate the GM corn suffered from severe intestinal, liver, heart, kidney and hormonal damage. Group B remained healthy.

Another study was performed on a group of rats who were fed GMO corn with traces of Roundup pesticide. The rats developed HUGE cancer tumors, and severe liver and kidney damage. Seventy percent of the female rats died prematurely, while 50% of the male rats died prematurely. WHY TO AVOID FARM RAISED FISH

Farm Raised Fish are of special concern because they are purposely infected with a live virus to cause genetic mutation. Cancer in chickens is often caused by a virus called the rous. sarcoma virus. This chicken virus is used as a carrier to implant a growth hormone gene into farm raised fish to make them grow faster. Once the virus infects the fish it can be transfered to us when we consume these fish. The use of viruses and parasites to genetically modify foods is just plain dangerous and can have untold health consequences.

Severe Allergies to Soy Explained

Brazil Nut genes are injected into GMO soy. Brazil nuts can cause life threatening anaphylaxis shock (difficulty breathing). This has caused many people to suffer from life threatening allergic reactions to GM soy as well. One of the only human studies on GMOs showed that GM soy contains proteins that are transferred over into our own gut bacteria, literally causing our own cells to produce pesticides which can poison us from within. Personally, I avoid all soy (and corn), organic or non organic because the market is just so saturated with GMO soy (and corn) its nearly impossible to tell if the soy you're buying is trully organic unless you know the farmer.

Parasites in GMO Foods

Another way to genetically modify seeds is by intentionally infecting them with parasites or bacteria. Agrobacteria is a plant parasite. Scientists breed these parasites to infect their hosts with something called T-DNA. T-DNA forms miniature tumors in the seed genome which scientists replace with whatever genes they please. This method works especially well for potatoes, tomatoes and tobacco. These parasites alter the genetic structure of the seed.

Consuming parasite infected foods can have untold health dangers. Studies haven't been done about the effects these plant parasites have on humans.


Red potatoes are a new 'invention' made by scientists. These potatoes are full of so many trans genes that i avoid them t=like the plague (whether they are organic or not).

Seventy percent of processed foods contain hidden GMO ingredients. Processed foods often contain GM corn in the form of high fructose corn syrup (which can be labeled as fructose), corn starch, and GM soy (soy lecithin). 94% of corn in the world is GMO and 93% of soy is GMO. Since Bt. infected GMO corn and soy are added to the majority of processed foods, it may explain why IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's disease, and Cancer are on the rise. For these reasons its become more important than ever to avoid GMO foods.

At Joseph's Organic Bakery, we use only organic non-GMO ingredients in all of our breads and baked goods. Our baked goods go way beyond organic. The bakery is non-GMO, soy free, corn free, sugar free, no trans fats. We use only the highest quality ingredients. For example instead of using organic sugar in our products we use organic maple syrup from Canadian farms. We do not use teflon or rubber baking tools. Attention to quality is our priority. We aim to provide the healthiest possible eating experience to our customers.

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