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Yahrzeit of Rabbi Uzi Meshulam zt"l & the True Story About The Missing Yemenite Babies

Finally the truth came out just a week before the Yahrzeit (the date of passing) of Rabbi Uzi Meshulam. In 1994, Rabbi Uzi Meshulam zt"l revealed that thousands of Jewish babies and children of Yemenite and Sephardic origin were kidnapped by the Israel government in the 1950s and 60s. Many of these children were used for medical experimentation. Some of them were sold to couples without children in the United States. He obtained photos and documents as proof. His papers were sent abroad and he was arrested after a huge shootout took place at his home and one of his students was shot and killed by Israeli police. Rabbi Meshulam's lawyer, doctor, and mother in-law were killed and he himself was deliberately poisoned in prison. He passed away in 2013 at the age of 60 after suffering terrible agony for many years. His son Ami Meshulam was forced to run away to Canada after being repeatedly threatened by police. He returned to Israel and has recently been interviewed on TV (see interview below).

Finally last week government documents have been released proving that indeed Yemenite children were used for horrifying medical experimentation. 3 families whose children were kidnapped by hospital staff in Israel shared their experiences with me. These Jewish families were poor immigrants. One family was Yemenite, another Iraqi, and another Ashkenazi. In all 3 families the babies were born healthy and were kidnapped by hospital staff. They were not allowed to even see the bodies of their babies and of course there was no proof of death and no burial.

Rabbi Uzi Meshulam put the numbers of kidnapped children at 4,500-5,000 not 1,000. He personally spoke to many of these families. So where did these children go?

One doctor has testified under oath that 4 healthy Yemenite babies were administered an experimental protein injection and died from the injection.

We have another document proving that the American government paid $1 million dollars for the hearts of 60 Yemenite Jewish babies whose bodies were autopsied.

We have proof of autopsies and experimentation being performed on bodies of children.

We have photos of ill malnourished boys, spleens clearly marked with a marker.

Eli Lipstein, a pathology researcher, revealed a shocking reality in which the researcher treated the families and children as easy prey. "The laws were the laws of the jungle - the strong get the rights ... If the family was strong, aware of its rights and insisting on its own, nothing would have happened ... The people were perceived by the establishment as weak and could be expelled in disgrace. And the law allowed it. "

Lipstein said that ALL the babies underwent surgeries and autopsies. "They were carried out under unconditional conditions, over a sink, etc..... And they buried it in a mass grave, I was exposed to the materials that showed a shocking picture, there was a jungle - a weak victim, a light prey."

But it doesn't end there.

MK Amir Ohana who was present at the hearing last week hinted that the murder was deliberate. He read a testimony by Dr. Rotenberg a doctor in the 1950's whose letter reveals a little of what was going on in the hospitals back then. Her letter describes that in her hospital there were very high percentages of children who died. "The children died of mistakes and only ten days later they informed the parents." She said that her colleagues were furious that she was acting differently from them and attacked. She explained "They do not even realize that they (the doctors) are the murderers of the children". MK Ohana went even further " If we thought the subject was shocking, we did not understand how much. Eighty percent of the children died from neglect and lack of care. It is not coincidental, the same as an intention. murder. This is not negligence. "

MK Amir Ohana's opinion is the same as the 3 families that I know who told me that their babies were born 100% healthy. The moms gave birth to healthy babies, the babies were taken away from them and never seen again. Not even a trace. One of the fathers told us that they tried to do it again to another baby that was born a few years later. They told him that his baby had died, again no body. This time he wasn't going to give in. He bought a butcher knife and ran to the nurses in the hospital telling them to give them back his baby or else there would be bloodshed. They had no choice but to give him his baby back.

The sad truth is that most of these babies were used for medical experimentation. Everything that Rabbi Meshulam said over 20 years ago was correct.

Rabbi Uzi Meshulam was a tzaddik who died fighting for the truth to be revealed. Many of the families of the kidnapped children are still actively demanding a government acknowledgment and apology for the crimes committed to their families. "Emet Meeretz Tizmach" Rabbi Meshulam's Yahrzeit will be tomorrow on the 13th of Tammuz (hebrew calendar).

For more info: - Torah lecture by Rabbi Uzi Meshulam - Ami Meshulam on TV - Knesset hearing on the subject of the Missing Yemenite children June 2017

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