Aborted Baby Fetal Cells in Childhood Vaccines

There are 4 childhood vaccines routinely administered to children across America that contain aborted baby fetal cells. These vaccines are the chickenpox vaccine called Varivax, the MMR II vaccine, the polio vaccine, and the Hepatitis A vaccine. The Shingles vaccine for adults also contains aborted baby fetal cells.

You may ask: why are there aborted baby fetal cells in vaccines? The answer is that viruses need a growth medium. Until the 1990's viruses in vaccines were cultivated in animal cells. In the 1990's vaccine manufacturers began using viruses cultivated in ABORTED BABY FETAL CELLS. Yes its true, human cells and DNA fragments from aborted babies are actually in vaccines!

Vaccines which contain viruses cultivated in aborted baby fetal cells are as follows: the MMR II vaccine which contains the WI-38 aborted fetal cell line and the rubella virus from an aborted baby, the Chickenpox vaccine from Varivax which contains two aborted fetal cell lines, the Hepatitis A vaccine and Polio vaccine which contain MRC-5 aborted fetal cell line, and the Shingles vaccine (manufactured by Zostavax) for adults.

Eighty abortions total went into making the rubella vaccine! Scientists aborted 26 healthy babies, but were unsuccessful at finding the rubella virus. Only the 27th aborted baby had rubella. Scientist utilized the virus and cultivated it in tissue from other aborted babies who were supposedly aborted at 8-20 weeks of pregnancy. Eighty abortions in total.

WI-38 and MRC-5 aborted fetal cell lines were made from abortions that took place in the 1960's.

What does aborted baby mean?

Normally when we think of abortions we think of babies that are killed in uterus. That's Not true in this case. Since organs degenerate within minutes or hours after death (depending on the organ) the babies were delivered and their organs were removed while alive, with no anesthesia. The aborted babies whose DNA and cells are in vaccines were dissected while they were alive to obtain live tissue for vaccine production.

Vaccines such as the chickenpox, the MMR II and Hepatitis A contain the DNA of those aborted babies. The viruses that are cultured on fetal tissue contain the DNA of those babies. The DNA of those babies becomes fragmented in the process of vaccine production. The fragmented DNA (as opposed to full strand DNA) is very small and is very easily incorporated into the nucleus of the cell of the vaccine recipient. Meaning that the fragmented human DNA in vaccines are likely causing genetic mutation in our children.