The Dangers of WiFi Radiation

There is a link between EMF (Electro-magnetic Field) radiation and cancer. A study conducted by the National Toxicology Program proved just this. They set aside two groups of male rats. Group A would have no exposure to radiation. Group B would be exposed to cell phone (this was before the iPhone) radiation from the time of birth for 2 years which is the average lifespan of a rat. They were exposed to the radiation 9 hours a day, 7 days a week. None of the rats in group A developed cancer. Whereas 3% of the rats in group B developed brain cancer, and 7% developed nerve cell tumors. This may not sound very threatening, but remember, these rats were exposed to older cell phones not nearly as dangerous as iPhone or Smartphone radiation. And these rats were only exposed to it for 9 hours a day. The average person today is exposed to EMF radiation from their iPhones for around 12 hours a day and Wi-Fi radiation via routers in their homes and businesses 24/7. Even when you're not actively talking on your phone or browsing the internet, as long as your iPhone, laptop, or wireless router is on and nearby, it emits radiation. This means that we have an even higher risk of getting cancer than the rats in the study.

Another study, conducted by Dr. Siegal Sadetzki, exhibited that cell phones were a major contributor to salivary gland tumors. He reported that the risk of developing a tumor on the side of your head which you hold the phone increases by: 34% if you use cell phones regularly and have spoken on them for over five years, 49% if you have spoken on a mobile phone for more than 266.3 hours in your lifetime, And 58% if you had over 5,550 calls in your lifetime.

Radiation and Male Infertility

Most guys don’t know this, but their reproductive organs are at risk now more than ever before. Men keep your iPhone in your pants pocket, a risk that could affect not only you, but your future children. In a recent study, 29 healthy men were exposed to a WIFI connected laptop for 4 hours. In just 4 hours, the EMF radiation severely impaired their sperm motility- this means that their sperm couldn’t move properly. This is a serious issue if you are attempting to start a family. Another factor they studied is DNA damage. EMF radiation can penetrate through tissues and directly damage DNA. The DNA damage caused to sperm by WIFI can make egg fertilization less likely as well as cause miscarriages and genetic abnormalities in their children. Bottom line, men should not carry iPhones in their pants pockets (don’t be tempted to put them near your heart in your shirt pocket either). Shut off phones as much as possible and keep iPhone and wireless devices out of all bedrooms. Turn off wireless routers in the house when not in use & use landlines for long calls.

Radiation and Insomnia

There is also a link between radiation and lack of sleep, as we see in a study conducted in 2007. Researchers selected two different groups of people. The first group would be exposed to low frequency EMF radiation from real cell phones. The second group were surrounded by fake phones with no signal. The first group had trouble falling asl