My Miracle: Utilizing Nature to Heal

Many years ago I was faced with a big problem and that problem was autism. A family member was suffering terribly: mental regression, hyperactivity. It was just this big black hole and I had no way out. So of course I began searching the internet. And I came across a site called natural news where I began learning that disease can be treated through food. Of course, this concept is nothing new. Maimonidies said " No disease that can be treated through diet should be treated by any other means". Autism is a complex man-made disease of the modern era. It didn't even exist before the 1940's. So obviously, something that this generation is doing is causing children to develop autism. For my family member it was quite clear that vaccines triggered autism. And a dose of antibiotics prescribed to her soon afterwards sealed the deal. I was not into natural food or natural medicine before autism hit us. So when I was confronted with autism, I had nowhere to turn. In those days, the medical community denied that there is a cure for autism. Of course they have since changed their opinion and have admitted that there is a 10% change of "spontaneous" recovery. I could turn to G-d, so that's what I did: I prayed. G-d answered me by helping me to discover the world of natural medicine. After all, He created vegetables, berries, herbs, leafy greens, mushrooms, all of which are amazing sources of vitamins, nutrients, and healing enzymes. In truth, natural medicine is not 'alternative', its not radical or revolutionary. It's basically utilizing the resources that G-d has provided to us, instead of turning to man-made drugs and pills. Natural medicine works with nature. Whereas modern medicine works against nature. Take for example antibiotics- it literally means anti bacterial. Antibiotics destroy the bacteria in our bodies, including the good bacteria. Whereas probiotics work to strengthen the good bacteria in our bodies so that balance is restored. Once I started learning there was no stopping me. Slowly I made dietary changes. Sugar was the first thing I cut out, then processed foods, commercial bread, pasta, non-organic dairy, trans fats etc... Juicing made its way into my life. And I saw the results, eating healthy makes a huge impact on the body. I started seeing improvements in my autistic family member, but everything good takes time. I was still learning how to cook natural foods, how to juice. I believe that natural foods have all the nutrients we need to stay healthy and remain healthy. Usually (but not always) the disease state arises for some reason, whether its bad diet, stress, drugs, exposure to heat/cold, physical strain, etc... For whatever reason, we have depleted our bodies of essential nutrients, our immune systems become weak and we get sick. Remember, viruses and bacteria cannot enter healthy cells. Every cell is supposed to have natural antiviral properties to protect it. Only when the cell is sick or nutrient deficient can it be overtaken by pathogens. (Keep in mind, many man-made drugs act as immune suppressants, sugar also suppresses the immune system). Nowadays, due to bad diet, almost everyone is nutrient deficient, and its just getting worse by the day. Since the industrial revolution when stone grinders were banned in many countries or replaced by steel mills we are all B vitamin deficient. And so much rides on the B-vitamins. Vitamin B-3 in particular plays an essential part in the immune system. Then I stumbled across a book by Dr. Abram Hoffer. His books really opened my eyes. The philosophy behind his work is that disease stems from nutrient deficiency and can be treated through nutrients. His favorite vitamin was Vitamin B-3, or Niacin. Thanks to his research, doctors began using Niacin for heart disease. Of course, he and his colleagues never got the credit for the discovery that niacin lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol. He was friends with major players in the world of natural medicine, including Dr. Linus Pauling, Bernad Rimland, and many others. He was also a close friend of William (Bill) Griffin Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. When Dr. Hoffer met Bill Wilson, Bill was of course no longer an alcoholic but was still suffering from anxiety, fatigue and depression. Dr Hoffer recommended that he take 1000 mg of niacin 3 times a day after meals. Bill's anxiety and depression lifted after just 2 weeks. Bill recommended 30 of his friends in AA to try it. It worked for them as well. But when he approached the board members of AA with his findings, the International Headquarters of AA opposed the use of niacin. Nonetheless, Bill wrote "The Vitamin B therapy", a pamphlet that he distributed to to thousands of AA members. Dr Abram Hoffer treated th