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How Our Emotions Impact Our Health: Based on The Garden of Healing by Rabbi Shalom Arush

In the book The Garden of Healing page 201 Rabbi Arush writes: "To Protect One's Health One needs to be cognizant of the impact that emotions have, including extreme joy, worry, anger, and fear all of which are functions of the soul."

Here Rabbi Arush talks about Chinese medicine explaining that certain character traits and emotions directly affect specific organs. Anger impacts the liver, fear impacts the kidneys, worrying and overthinking impact the digestive system, sadness and depression impact the lungs, extreme joy impacts the heart.

"The wise person is content with his portion throughout his life and never worries about that which isn't his or desires what he does not have. Rather he lives a life of moderation and is good-natured and happy. this promotes proper metabolism and facilitates healthy digestion, waste elimination, clear strong vision, emotional balance, and clear thinking."

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