The 83 Health Benefits of Eating Bread In The Morning

The Talmud explains that there are 83 diseases that start in the digestive system and spread to the rest of the body. These 83 ailments all have the same root cause and are cured by eating bread in the morning. Morning bread is called Pat Shacharit in hebrew. The Talmud specifies that bread should be the first thing we eat. It should be sprinkled with high quality salt. Water (or Wine according to Rashi) should accompany this healing breakfast.

The Gemara continues to expound upon the healing properties of bread: "13 attributes were said about Pat Shacharit (Morning Bread): it heals you from chama (diseases of heat), from tzina (diseases of cold), protects you from zikim, protects from mezikim (harmful agents), machkimat petti (makes you smart), zoche b'din, helps you to study Torah, helps you to teach Torah, people will listen to your teachings, you won't forget your learning, you won't get fat, its good for libido, kills worms/ parasites in the intestines, and some people say it removes jealousy and increases love (Rashi explains: when your body feels good then you won't be as angry or irritable, therefore, it increases love)."

According to our Talmudic Sages, bread is actually a physical and spiritual SUPERFOOD. It's amazing that eating bread in the morning has such tremendous physical and spiritual benefits. Yet many people shy away from eating bread, due to its bad reputation. Well its no wonder. Nowadays bread is full of bleaching and rising agents (in the flour), dough conditioners, and toxic chemical preservatives. Additionally grains are ground with steel mills which destroys all the natural vitamins and enzymes in the bread. (This is why store bought flour must be enriched with vitamins according to the law.)

At Joseph's Organic Bakery, their bread is made as it was in the times of the Talmud: they use Whole Grain Stone Ground flour which we stone grind fresh daily. Their proprietary grinding and preparation process ensures optimum vitamins and nutrients. The flour is FREE of dough conditioners, preservatives, rising agents, bromides, and toxic chemicals.

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