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Weight Loss in Miami in 3 Easy Steps!

Miami is the Sunshine Capitol of the United States. Therefore when it comes to weight loss, we have an advantage over other Americans. However, many Miami locals fail to take advantage of the gift of sunshine that we are blessed with all year round.

How to Lose Weight in Miami in 3 Easy Steps

1) Bask In The Sun For At Least 20 Minutes A DAY

Studies have shown that when you have adequate vitamin D levels, your body releases more leptin. Leptin is the hormone that tells us we are full. When you have enough vitamin D in your bloodstream, fat cells stop making and storing fat. But when vitamin D levels are low, levels of PTH and calcitrol hormones rise. High levels of these hormones turn your body into a fat miser, encouraging it to hoard fat instead of burning it.

Not only that but sun exposure also helps manage blood sugar levels.

Sunscreen and sunglasses block the suns beneficial rays. A natural alternative to sunscreen is extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil. Lather on skin prior to sun exposure. During summer months avoid sun bathing between 10 am-3 pm when the sun is strongest. As an alternative, walking in the sun for a hour will provide you will the suns beneficial rays and exercise!

2) Eat Proper Bread

When we eat foods that trigger blood sugar highs we actually create a vicious cycle, because rising blood sugar levels cause insulin levels to climb as well.

Too much insulin secretion promotes fat storage in the body. Consumption of processed foods like white flour and sugar cause these blood sugar highs. To control weight gain we must first take control of our blood sugar levels by eating foods that are naturally high in fiber and nutrients. Fiber and various vitamins naturally present in proper bread can actually lower blood sugar levels.

Unfortunately, most modern breads are made with white flour (even whole wheat breads), packed with sugar, and contain bromides, bleaching agents, and dough risers.

Studies have shown that real bread made with ancient grains lowers blood sugar levels. Bread was a staple food for thousands of years for a reason.

Joseph's Organic Bakery located in North Miami specializes in real ancient grain bread. Their proprietary grinding and preparation process ensures optimum vitamins, fiber, and nutrients in every loaf. Their concept is making food with high nutrient to calorie ratio. Proper bread is a powerhouse of nutrients. It has the potential to meet up to 70% of our daily nutrient requirements.

To find out more click here.

3) Drink Coconut Water

Green Coconuts are native to Florida and they are a great source of fiber. Foods that are Naturally high in Fiber help keep you full for longer. A cup of freshly tapped coconut water contains about 2.6 gm of dietary fiber This means you are less likely to get hungry soon after drinking coconut water. Researchers even say that having additional fiber when you are obese could make a significant difference to your weight-loss efforts. Processed coconut water may not have these benefits, so its best to drink it fresh.

Bonus Tip

Don't eat heavy meals after 7-8 pm. Late night eating slows down digestion and can disrupt sleep patterns. Going to bed with elevated blood sugar levels sets us up for weight gain with the body quickly storing excess sugar as fat, because at night we aren't moving around much. Eating late at night triggers blood sugar highs and then subsequent blood sugar lows (hypoglycemia). Blood sugar lows will actually wake us up and disrupt our sleep patterns. After a bad night’s sleep, the body’s levels of appetite-triggering hormones increase, while hormones that blunt hunger drop, This raises the risk of fat accumulation, obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

If I eat late at night I inevitably wake up with stomach bloating and water retention. My solution to late night munchies: A bowl of vegetable soup or a fruit. Soup fills me up and a simple fruit soothes my late night sugar cravings.

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