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How to Combat Your Child's Mood Swings Naturally

To properly combat mood swings in children there are many things parents can do. Children (and adults) should consume a carbohydrate rich meal at least once daily without adding meats/eggs/dairy etc.... Here, whole grain organic bread is the ideal choice. Start off the day with a slice or two of stone ground bread sprinkled with sea salt and a glass of water. This is called Pat Shacharit (morning bread) which is recommended in the Talmud. Our wise Sages in the Talmud explained that Pat Shacharit heals 83 illnesses both spiritual and physical!

Stone ground bread will provide the carbs without the blood sugar roller coaster (hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia) and will instead ensure a slow steady stream of glucose so critical for serotonin formation.

(Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is believed to regulate mood, sleep, and appetite).

I can't even count how many times I have given a grumpy or irritable child a slice or two of whole grain bread and have seen them relax right in front of my eyes! It's nothing short of miraculous. Make sure not to use any unhealthy or sugar laden spreads on the sandwich!

At a different meal, protein and healthy fats of your choice can be added.

Additionally, a high carb snack at around 3 pm would do wonders to combat afternoon irritability. Make sure the snack is sugar and trans fat free.

The only acceptable sugars for baking are raw honey, coconut sugar or pure maple syrup. Personally I avoid all added flavors whether labeled 'natural' or artificial simply because it's impossible to know what it's made from.

Sunlight is also critical for serotonin production. Your child should spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour per day in the sun. Exercise is another serotonin builder.

M.P. Geulah is the author of Managing ADHD Without Medication: From a Mother's Perspective, a book about raising children with ADHD and Autism available at the Bakery or online at Amazon.

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