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The MMR Vaccine from a Halachic and Philosophical Perspective

"Most kids who lose their voice to autism never recover." At 2 years old, a close relative of mine knew how to read in 2 languages. After receiving the MMR vaccine, she forgot everything. She had autism symptoms, ADHD and severe allergies. It was devastating. Two months later she got the DTaP vaccine and her symptoms became even worse. Two years of very hard work to detoxify her and feed her healthy foods, helped her to regain her mental abilities. She had a miraculous recovery. But not all children are that lucky.

Before making the decision about whether or not to vaccinate their children, parents should educate themselves about vaccines. They should know all vaccine ingredients prior to making their decision. On each vaccine insert there is a list of ingredients, side effects and contraindications. Familiarize yourself with them. In this article I want to open up various halachic and philosophical problems which concern the whole vaccine issue.

Lets start with the basics.

What is the purpose of a doctor according to Rabbinical Authorities?

Rashi (Exodus 15:26): "I am Hashem your G-d who teaches you Torah and Mitzvot in order to save yourself from them (from illness) like a doctor who tells a person 'don't eat things that will return you to illness' and this is the Izun of Mitzvot" Rashis Main idea: A doctor is supposed to tell you what foods to eat and what foods to avoid to PREVENT Sickness. (This is based on the belief held by many Rabbis that Bad Food or too much food causes illness).

Kli Yakar (Exodus 15:26): "The Torah and the Mitzvot save you from all sickness that I (G-d) put in Egypt, whether its physical illness or spiritual illness from their stubborness..... Another explanation, I warn you in order so that you wont become ill, because I am Hashem your G-d, and the way of every doctor is to warn his loved ones that they should guard their souls from things that cause illness, in order so that they WONT have to engage in healing them afterwards."

Main idea: A doctor is supposed to Advise his patients what to avoid To Prevent his patient from becoming sick.

Ramban, Commentary on the Torah, Leviticus 26:11:

"What place do doctors have in the house of those who carry out the will of God, after He promised that `He will bless their bread and their water, and remove illness from their midst'? The only function of the medical profession should be to give nutritional advice - what to eat and drink and what to avoid. Thus the Rabbis said, `For the entire twenty-two years of Rabbah's leadership, Rav Yosef did not even call a bloodletter to his house' (Berakhot 64a). They went by the principle that `a door that does not open to charity will open to the doctor' (Bemidbar Rabbah 9:3). It is true that the Rabbis said, `because it is not the way of human beings to bring about a cure, but this is the practice' (Berakhot 60a,). But this merely means that, had they not been in the habit of resorting to medicine, a person who became sick because of his sin could have been healed through the will of God alone. However, since they resorted to medicines, God abandoned them to the vicissitudes of nature.

"As for the rabbinic comment on the verse, `He shall cause him to be thoroughly healed' (Exodus 21:19) - `from here we learn that the physician has been given sanction to heal' (Berakhot 60a) - they did not say that license has been given to the sick to resort to medicine! What they meant is that if a doctor is approached by a patient who was in the habit of resorting to medicine and was not part of the community of God whose share is life, the doctor should not refrain from treating him, not from fear that the patient might die under his hand - seeing as the doctor is expert in his craft - nor on the grounds that God alone is the healer of all flesh - because this patient is already in the habit of resorting to medicine. It is true that if two people quarrel and one hits the other with a stone or his fist, the Torah lays down that the attacker must pay the medical expenses of the injured party (Exodus 21:18). But this is because Torah law does not rely on miracles, for God knew that `the needy will not cease from the midst of the earth' (Deuteronomy 15:11). But when a person's ways find favor in God's eyes, he has no business with doctors."

What causes a person to become sick?

According to the Torah, other than colds, sickness is caused by a spiritual blemish or sin that relates to the organ in question. We know that our bodies are made up of 248 organs & limbs and 365 sinews and vessels, each corresponding to one of the 248 positive and 365 negative commandments. (One of the mitzvot in the Torah is to safeguard our health.) We have to understand that sickness in general is a result of our spiritual state and young children suffer from the sins of their parents. We cannot take G-d out of the equation when it comes to sickness. In fact, just the opposite is true. Hashem made us sick for a reason. Its not this virus or that virus that caused us to become sick. Its our spiritual state.

The Even Ezra explains in Exodus 21:19 "This is a sign that permission was given to to doctors to cure wounds that you see on the outside (external wounds). But every illness that's on the inside of the body, its up to Hashem (G-D) to cure it as it says "because he makes it hurt and he heals". And its written about Asa (a Jewish King who was also a Tzaddik) that also in his sickness he didi not seek G-d, only doctors"

Main idea: Even Asa a great king, made the mistake of seeking doctors and not G-d when he was sick.

The Abi Ezer explains in Exodus 21:19 "All internal illness is the result of OVEREATING or from a change of air (weather changes). If a person clings to G-d he will strengthen his Neshama (soul) and live longer than his predetermined time. It is found that it is the responsibility of the person to cure his internal illness BY HIMSELF, he should cling to his Neshama and it will bring him to life and bodily health...."

The Rambam: Hilchot Deot Chapter 4 "OVEREATING is like poison to anyone's body. It is the main source of all illness. Most illnesses which afflict a man are caused by harmful foods or by his filling his belly and overeating, even of healthful foods. This was implied by Solomon in his wisdom: "Whoever guards his mouth and his tongue, guards his soul from distress" (Proverbs 21:23); i.e., "guards his mouth" from eating harmful food or eating his fill and "his tongue" from speaking [about things] other than his needs."

Main Idea: According to the Rambam and the Abi Ezer, illness is caused by overeating or weather change.

Rabbi Shalom Arush, author of the Garden of Healing writes: "One who willfully consumes harmful substances transgresses numerous mitzvot that very likely are the root cause of one's illness."

None of the sources that I've researched mention anything about the actual bacteria or virus causing a disease. The Rabbis of old speak about bad food, change of weather, or sin as causing all illness.

In reality we are surrounded by bacteria and viruses at all times. Our bodies are home to trillions of bacteria, some "bad" and some good. G-d created them both for a reason. Hashem created illness for a reason, either to wake us up to do Teshuva (repentance) or to improve our eating habits.

It is a well known fact that sugar and refined grains feed the "bad" bacteria in our bodies, creating a very acidic environment and lowering the ability of our immune cells to resist disease. Avoiding trans fats, sugar, and refined processed grains will go a long way to strengthening the immune system.

Hashem Runs The World In Measure for Measure Fashion

We are not in charge. G-d is. He decides who lives and who dies. In Exodus 21:13 the Torah brings a case of a man who accidentally kills someone. He has to run away to whats called an Ir Miklat. He must stay there until The Kohen Gadol dies. The Ohr Hachaim explains that the person who was killed, deserved to die. In fact, he was actually a murderer himself (according to the Ramban he was deserving of death) and Hashem decreed that he should be killed. SO too, the person who killed accidentally, it was no accident. Hashem put him in thta situation for a reason. He had a previous sin that caused him to be in that terrible situation.

Every situation that a person finds himself is not by chance. Illness, poverty, car accidents, marital problems, there is a lot going on beneath the surface. We cannot take G-d out of the equation.

No matter how many vaccines a person takes, he will never be free of disease, if Hashem doesn't want him to be. In fact, all that has happened in modern times is that chronic illnesses have replaced infectious disease. Childhood cancer rates, diabetes, obesity, IBS, and of course autism rates are higher than ever. Autism has increased by 30,000% since 1980. Its now 1 in 36 children. Practically every family is dealing with some form of disease, physical or mental. Emotional disorders among children are higher than ever.

How do we treat illness?


Rambam Hilchot Deot Chapter 4 "Since maintaining a healthy and sound body is among the ways of G-d and one cannot understand or have any knowledge of the creator of he is ill, therefor, he must avoid that which harms the body and accustom himself to that which is healthful and helps the body become stronger."

Ramban, Commentary on the Torah, Leviticus 26:11

"When the Jewish People are in a state of spiritual perfection, neither their physical bodies nor their country, nor any of their other affairs are governed by nature at all. This applies to the nation as a whole and to each individual Jew. For God `will bless their bread and their water, and remove illness from their midst' (Exodus 23:25).

THE TALMUD: BREAD HEALS The Talmud (Tractate Baba Metzia (page 107 side 2) discusses the health benefits of eating bread, salt, and water (or wine) in the morning. The Talmud explains that There are 83 diseases 0that start in the digestive system and spread to the rest of the body. These 83 ailments are cured by eating Pat Shacharit, which is (proper) bread with salt in the morning and a jug of water (or wine according to Rashi). The Gemara continues to talk about the healing properties of bread: "13 attributes were said about Pat Shacharit (Morning Bread): it heals you from chama (diseases of heat), from tzina (diseases of cold), protects you from zikim, from mezikim, machkimat petti (makes you smart), zoche b'din, helps you to study Torah, helps you to teach Torah, people will listen to your teachings, you won't forget your learning, you wont get fat, its good for libido, kills worms/ parasites in the intestines, and some people say it removes jealousy and increases love (Rashi explains: when your body feels good then you won't be as angry or irritable, therefore, it increases love)." In Talmudic times, bread was actually considered to be a healing food both physically and spiritually.

Bitter Herbs: Kli Yakar (Exodus 15:23) Spiritual Illness is like physical illness, because just like most physical illness the way to cure them is by taking bitter herbs etc....." The Baal Shem Tov was a Baal SHem, which in his times meant that he would travel from town to town healing sick Jews. He healed people through helping them to do Teshuva or through herbs. The Ohr Hachaim in Exodus 19:5 explains that Hashem put a Segula in some herbs to heal.

Aborted Baby Fetal Cells in Vaccines:

The rubella strain in the MMR vaccine was cultured from an aborted human fetus. Many other vaccines also contain viruses grown in aborted baby fetal cells. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein vehemently opposed abortion. He didn't allow abortion of fetuses with deformities or diseases. Only in the case where the baby was indeed a physical danger to the mothers life would abortion be allowed. Otherwise, he considered abortion of a fetus MURDER for Jews and gentiles alike. (However, a Jew cannot be put to death in court for it). Once the baby's head exits the womb, the baby is considered a fully fledged person and if he is murdered, the killer is liable to be put to death in court.

My question: Viruses can only be cultivated in host cells. To cultivate the viruses found in vaccines, chicken embryo cells, bovine cells, monkey kidney cells, were used until the 1980s when scientists began cultivating some viruses in aborted baby fetal cells. How are these babies aborted? These babies are born alive and then chopped up. They delay murdering the baby until the last possible second, because some organs die very quickly after death. So in effect the babies are dissected alive. This is outright murder according to Rav Moshe. So if we buy products (vaccines) which contain these aborted baby fetal cells are we guilty of transgressing "Mesayea Yidei Averia" Helping someone to do an Avera (sin)? The Rambam Paskins that a person is not allowed to buy stolen products because he is "Messyea Yide Avera". You are helping people to steal. WHy? Thieves wouldn't not steal if there wasn't demand for their products. Its about supply and demands. So too, scientists would not kill more babies, if there wasn't a demand. right now the baby fetal cells used in vaccines are very old (from the 50s and 60) and they are degenerating and very cancerous. Vaccines will have to be cultivated in new fetal cells. ALready some vaccines are using more recent aborted babies from China. Soon, A whole new line of viruses will be cultivated from newly aborted babies. However, if parents refuse vaccines with aborted babies, then they will have to make vaccines using animal cells instead. So if we buy a vaccine with aborted baby fetal cells are we guilty of "mesayin yedei Averia? It would seem so, but I need Rabbis experts in this matter to weigh in on it for me. Additionally, human serum albumin is present in many vaccines. The source of the human albumin in vaccines cannot possibly be verified, therefore we really don't know from whom the albumin is being taken from. Since abortion is considered murder we must be very careful about anything involving abortion.

The Ohr Hachaim: In Levicitus 18:2 the Ohr Hachaim quotes the Mahari Luria. He explains that some foods contain bad souls within them. (SOme damaged souls are brought back down to this world). And when the bad soul or spark enters a person through the bad food he eats he can change from bad to good overnight. He explains that sometimes people change from bad to good and the person himself has no idea what happened. The answer lies in the bad food he consumed. The Ohr Hachaim continues: On the other hand, he who protects himself from bad foods will desire things that help his soul, and his soul will desire the Torah. My Question: If the bad food we eat can contain bad souls within them that can spiritually harm us overnight, all the more so,wouldn't vaccines which contain cells from babies who were murdered and loads of human albumin from unkown sources harm us even more?

Autism and Aborted Baby Fetal Cells Could aborted baby fetal cells be what's causing autism? "There was still a child who required feeding, washing, and minding but there was no soul in that child. She was invisible." These are the words of Melanie Glock describing what happened to her daughter Maisie after she became autistic. (page 80 Mother Warriors by Jenny McCarthy) Could the negative energies from the aborted baby component in vaccine be contributing to the autism epidemic? According to the Ohr Hachaim reasoning regarding bad foods, it would be logical to assume that yes. Famous Quote: "The blood is the soul". Indeed the blood that runs through our veins is so important. It must be safeguarded.

Vaccine Side Effects:

Every vaccine injection contains inherent risk. There's risk of Encephalitis (brain inflammation), fever, death, and a whole lot more, just read the vaccine insert. Sometimes the side effects are similar to the diseases itself. Take a look at the MMR vaccine insert.

Adverse reactions to the MMR II vaccine as listed on the vaccine package include: fever, encephalitis (brain inflammation), measles inclusion body encephalitis, vomiting, diarrhea, atypical measles, diabetes mellitis, arthritis, Guillian-Barre syndrome, febrile convulsions, afebrile convulsions or seizures, measles like rash, nerve deafness, polyneuropathy, and death.

Possible adverse reactions to MMR vaccine as reported by many parents include: autism, encephalitis, neurological disorders, Crohn's disease, meningitis, ulcerative colitis, seizure disorders, muscle incordination, Guillian-Barre syndrome (paralysis), and death.

It's funny I remember a dangerous vaccine reaction I had as a teen: I got a few vaccines and fell into a faint on the flour. Until this day I remember what I saw when I was unconscious.

Yale Study Reveals Link Between Vaccines and Mental Disorders: Are Vaccines Really 'Kosher'?

A 2017 study from Pennsylvania State and Yale University has revealed that there may be an connection between vaccines and the onset of disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anorexia nervosa, and anxiety disorders.

The researchers found that children who had been given the flu vaccine were significantly more likely to develop some type of mental disorder. Furthermore, the researchers found that getting the vaccine within the last year was “associated with incident diagnoses of Anorexia, OCD, and an anxiety disorder.”

The risk of developing OCD increased about 25% following the flu vaccine. The risk asscociation between Anorexia nervosa and the flu vaccine was astounding. Within 3 months after vaccination, children had an 80 percent increase in the risk of being diagnosed with an eating disorder!

My question:

Is a person Halachically allowed to harm himself (to induce high fever, brain inflammation or worse) in the belief that in the future he will supposedly prevent himself from disease?

Vaccines also contain Mercury (thimerosol) and high amounts of aluminum. Mercury is incredibly toxic, its one of the most dangerous heavy metals on earth. Aluminum is also brain toxic. Are we allowed to inject these substances into our bodies?

I am opening the debate. What I am requesting is that serious halachic research be done on the matter of aborted baby fetal cells and heavy metals like mercury in vaccines. I want Rabbis to research these matters on a Halachic and Philosophical level.

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