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Warning: Avoid Reiki & Certain Types Of "Energy Healing"

There is a tremendous lack of information out there about the dangers of reiki and energy healing. Typically, energy healers do not share information with their clients about what they are doing. It seems that many energy healers are actually utilizing reiki or other questionable practices to release energy blockages and supposedly "heal" the person of any emotional or physical traumas.

Reiki is clearly a form of idolatry. All sorts of symbols are utilized that are not allowed. What upsets me is that religious people are utilizing reiki practices under the guise of energy healing and other vague terms. It's deceiving.

So what happens when a person goes to a reiki session or certain types of energy healing sessions?

What actually happens is that energy healers, whether or not they work with reiki, open up energy channels. This can expose the client to dangerous energies that may be in their environment. Additionally the energy "healer" may actually transfer their bad energy onto you. If they have bad intentions they may steal your energy. Often it seems that the energy healers are actually after your energy. The more energy they take from people, the more they need their next energy fix. Its sick that people are actually paying tons of money to get their energy zapped.

I have witnessed 2 cases of people severely affected by energy "healing".

Reiki and energy healing are growing in popularity in the world at large and in the frum community as well. There may be some physical forms of energy healing that are legitimate. But its hard to tell what methods the "healer" is using or what their intentions are.

Signs that someone may be performing energy on you:

1) If they put you in a trance 2) if they somehow know in depth information about your life and past experiences that you never told them 3) If you suddenly develop chronic fatigue that you can't get rid of 4)if you experience personality changes

If your emunah or energy coach tells you that they studied under reiki teachers or under other questionable teachers, then beware. Ask questions, Do your research. Certain types of yoga also utilize idolatrous practices.

Energy exists within us and around us. I don't believe that its safe or allowed to delve too deep into this world. It's best to put our trust in G-d Hashem to heal us from trauma or illness. We should focus instead on more physical methods of healing such as eating healthy foods, exercising, relaxing etc... There is no such thing as a quick fix for difficult problems. Best of luck.

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