An Anti-Vaxxer is a Pro-Vaxxer with Experience

'An Antivaxxer is a Provaxxer with Experience'

Hardly anyone decides not vaccinate their children unless they personally experienced negative side effects from vaccines. I too never thought to question my doctors about vaccine ingredients. Until tragedy struck my family. One of my close relatives experienced a severe reaction to the MMR vaccine. We saw a normal child regress within just a few days after the MMR. She ran around the room banging her head against the walls. Very soon she lost the ability to read (at 18 months she knew how to read up to 5 letter words). Her behavior was terrible. Her hyperactivity went through the roof. Two months later, she got the DTaP shot and a round of antibiotics for a very high fever from the vaccine. After that things got really bad. She developed allergies to milk, gluten, practically everything. Her speech was terrible. It took 2 years of hard work to bring her back. In truth her recovery was a total miracle. At the age of four, we finally got the chance to see her for the first time for who she really was : a calm happy smart girl. My personal experience led me to research vaccine ingredients. I discovered that vaccines contain heavy metal like mercury and aluminum, antibiotics, animal DNA, human albumin from unknown sources and worst of all aborted baby fetal cells. I couldn't understand why vaccine manufacturers were using aborted babies as a viral growth medium, when prior to the 1980's animals were used. It smelled suspicious to me. When we look at companies that manufacture vaccines we have to understand who they are and what their agenda is. Firstly, they want to make money and they figured out a great way to do it. By scaring the populace into an insane fear of disease they managed to convince everyone that ordinary illnesses like the measles could literally wipe out the human race. Lets put things into perspective. Prior to the measles vaccine, from 1956 to 1960, an average of 450 measles-related deaths were reported each year in the United States. Today, over 70,000 people die from pain killer medications each year. 20,000 people die from hospital staph infections per year. There were 250,000 Medical malpractice deaths in 2017. Autism rates have increased by 30,000% since 1980. Autism rates are now 1 in 36 children! My mother got the measles, so did everyone else she knew. In fact, mothers would send their children to homes which had the measles to make sure their children would get the disease while young. Not one child in her entire school had autism. Learning disabilities were uncommon. Not one child had cancer in her school either.

G-d created the world in such a way that there are viruses and bacteria inside of us and all around us. We cannot expect to eradicate all disease by using any ploy. Can we outsmart G-d? In the past people believed that antibiotics were a miracle that would cure all bacterial infections. Years later we now understand that antibiotics can be very dangerous. We have good bacteria in our gut that literally train and control our immune system. Antibiotics can literally wipe out all of our good bacteria leaving us vulnerable to even worse infections such as yeast and candida. Antibiotics can also prevent excretion of heavy metals from our body because our good bacteria play a role in that as well. Additionally antibiotic use has led to the development of bacterial strain that are completely resistant to antibiotics.

What we can do to prevent illness is to eat well (morning bread, vegetables, organic meats cooked in water) and avoid all junk food that weaken the immune system. Avoiding beet and cane sugar as well as corn syrup, trans fats, and refined grains, will go a long way to ensure that we stay healthy. Prayer and Torah are of course the number one response to illness.

Aborted Baby Fetal Cells in Vaccines: The rubella strain in the MMR vaccine was cultured from an aborted human fetus. Many o