Is Energy Healing Idolatry? The Answer Will Shock You

There are different types of energy healing. Certain types of energy healing such as Reiki involves the worship of spirits and ghosts. Level 3 Reiki practitioners conduct seances and speak to the dead. This is direct idolatry and sorcery. There are reiki energy healers in the religious community who disguise their practices calling themselves emunah energy or emunah healers. Others call themselves health coaches, or counselors. They claim that they can clear energy blockages, however, what they really do is remove the natural protection that surrounds us. This exposes their clients to serious danger. We are entering a time when people are looking for quick fixes to complicated problems. Energy healers promise all that and more. In reality they can steal your energy, leaving you with chronic fatigue. Their sessions can lead to personality changes, and worse including psychosis. Energy healers may utilize reiki or other impure modalities. I am in the process of exposing a group of people that secretly practice negative energy healing in the religious community. I'm not sure how many people are involved, but some of them are well respected members of the haredi community.

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