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Study shows 88% of NY Patients Put on Ventilators Died: Nurses share testimonies: Its Time To Sue!

According to a new study, Around 88% of patients with COVID-19 who were put on ventilators in New York hospitals died.

In this new JAMA study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers analyzed data from 5,700 patients who were hospitalized from March 1 to April 4 through Northwell Health, the largest health system in New York. Of those patients, 2,634 were discharged or had died by the end of the study, and 320 patients with a recorded outcome were put on ventilators. Nearly 9 in 10 of those ventilated patients died.

Around 76% of ventilated patients between the ages of 18 and 65 died, and 97%, of ventilated patients over the age of 65 died, according to the report.


Of the 2,634 patients, ventilated or not, about 21% died, according to the researchers.

The researchers found that among the patients that were hospitalized, the most common underlying conditions were hypertension (around 56.6%), obesity (around 41.7%) and diabetes (around 33.8%).

Watch the video below as a New York City Nurse describes the willful negligence surrounding the overuse of ventilators in NYC hospitals. She explains how many of her patients actually didn't even have Covid- they were suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, heart attacks. Families were not allowed into the hospitals to advocate for their relatives well-being.

AND IN THIS VIDEO watch how a nurse describes how doctors and nurses disregarded the lives of their Covid patients, and in many cases murdered them.

This same callous disregard for human life occurred and is occurring in hospitals around the United States.


Where are the lawyers when you need them?

Back In March, when coronovairus first broke in the U.S. and the use of ventilators was being weighed to treat patients I wrote an article outlying the inherent risks of ventilators. The most severe risks being: 1)pneumothorax (air leaking from the lungs into the space between the lungs and the chest wall. Pneumothorax can cause one or both lungs to collapse. 2) Ventilator-associated pneumonia 3)infection (bacterial sepsis 4) candidemia 5) pulmonary embolism

As the study mentioned above shows: 88% of patients put on ventilators died. Its unbelievable that so many people had to die despite the known risks of these machines. Ventilators are only supposed to be used when a patient is already unconscious and unable to breathe in a life or death situation. A patient is not supposed to be sedated to be put on a ventilator, because of its inherent risks.

Operation Warp Speed: Experimental Vaccines

Now Trump, Fauci & the medical establishment are planning on unleashing a vaccine upon us. A vaccine made with aborted baby fetal cells. A vaccine that will only have been tested for a few months at most. Moderna is conducting its trial with only 45 volunteers (the next stage will have a few more)! That's insane. All 45 people are probably healthy & under the age of 55. Yet still, the results of phase 1 & 2 trials were pretty bad. As reported, 50 percent of the enrolless reported muscle pain, or pain at the injection site. After the first dose, mild or moderate systemic adverse events were reported by over 50% in all groups, including headaches, chills, fatigue. Systemic adverse events (meaning in the whole body) occurred in over 50% of the enrollees after the second injection, including fevers."

What will happen to people with underlying diseases who take this vaccine, the elderly, or children who haven't yet developed a strong blood brain barrier?

In normal times, a vaccine can take more than a decade to get through all the regulatory approvals. Trump is trying to push for a 6-8 month trial. During the Ford administration, a rushed vaccine for swine flu caused several dozen deaths and damaging side effects. Trump's Operation Warp Speed is a game that could play with peoples lives.

The vaccine will be just another dangerous experiment and the people of America will be the guinea pigs. In the meantime Trump, his associates, and Bill Gates will enrich their pockets on our backs, just like what happened with the ventilators.

The True Figures

In truth, the numbers of Covid-19 deaths are lower than the yearly flu. In the state of Florida, supposedly 5,000 people died (which is a huge exaggeration considering that doctors label many deaths as deaths by covid because they get paid to do so). For arguments sake, lets just say, that the numbers are correct. In a state of 21,000,000 people, 5,000 deaths in 4 months is just .0002% Way way less than 1% of the population. As opposed to heart disease deaths in the state of Florida which reaches up to 23,000 per 6 months.

Instead of dangerous ventilators or an experimental vaccine designed to artificially manipulate the immune system, while never conferring true immunity (hence the need for constant booster shots), why not get to the source of the problem? Why not strengthen the body and the immune system through diet and herbs, so that it will be strong enough to "fight" disease on its own? In truth, if the cells of the body are strong, they cannot be overtaken by a virus, because healthy cells release interferon, which wards off viruses. Only sick and unhealthy cells can be overtaken by a virus. For this reason, people with diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are at greater risk of contracting covid-19 and of experiences symptoms. Healthy strong people, for the most part, will not exhibit symptoms at all. Diabetics, the elderly, and heart disease patients should focus on making diet and lifestyle changes to strengthen their immune systems.

The unvaccinated are not a danger to society, people who eat junk food are, because they are more likely to get sick. They are more likely to get diabetes and heart disease, they are more susceptible to virulent diseases. The unvaccinated should not be discriminated against just as I don't support discrimination against people who eat unhealthy foods. I hope that the people of America will wake up, and see the effect that bad diet has on our bodies as individuals and as a whole. I hope that Americans will no longer place their faith in doctors and hospitals.

To learn more about the steps you can take to strengthen your immune system and ward off viruses click here


Watch this video below


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