All Roads Lead Back to The Vaccine Controversy

When the measles "outbreak" (very few deaths) erupted in NY last year and unvaccinated children were kicked out of schools and synagogues, I knew that it was the beginning of a tragedy. Many parents were forced to vaccinate their children against their wishes to keep their kids in schools. The unvaccinated were effectively put in cherem (excommunication) in certain communities. Now, I believe that NY state is paying a steep price for their collective behavior. New Yorkers are the ones being discriminated against as spreaders of Covid-19. They are afraid to travel, afraid to say they're from NY. I disagree with this discrimination just as I didn't agree with the discrimination against the non-vaccinated.

Today all the governments and pharmaceutical companies are working on the new vaccine that will "save" us all. Bill Gates is on TV every day promoting his vaccine agenda. He has funded all 7 companies that are manufacturing the coronavirus vaccine. With the amount of money he made just since the covid- outbreak (approx. 140 billion dollars) he could literally feed the world, but instead he pushes his population control agenda. He wants to depopulate the world by 10-15 percent through his population control system which includes vaccines. Trump himself has caved in to Big-Pharm, and is nothing more than their mouth piece.

In the end, all roads lead back to vaccines. That is what's talked about on every new station. Why are vaccinations playing such a central role in all of this?

I'm not a doctor, Thank G-d, so what I am about to say doesn't constitute as medical advice. I suffered a lot thanks to the vaccines. My daughter suffered from autism symptoms & ADHD after she got vaccinated. It took 2 long hard years to get her out of that darkness. She still suffers from food allergies. Who's going to pay for those 2 years of toil, where almost every thought, every ounce of my strength went into trying to help her? G-d performed a miracle for me. But many people aren't that lucky, their kids don't ever come out of autism. Vaccines are the epitome of man's arrogance. Man wants to control everything. From the second day after birth babies are jabbed with needles to supposedly prevent disease. Our babies our indoctrinated into the health care system from birth and it continues throughout their lifetime. Does G-d not have the power to prevent disease? Are doctors in control or G-d? Didn't G-d create everything including viruses and bacteria? Are vaccines and ADHD drugs the answer to our problems?

Vaccines contain many dangerous ingredients, such as heavy metals, strong antibiotics, human albumin from unknown sources, and worst of all aborted baby fetal cells from murdered babies. These babies were born alive and then murdered and dissected. Why are the babies dissected alive? Because many organs don't survive even five minutes after a person dies. The cells of these babies were used to cultivate viral strains. How can we use murdered babies as the basis for vaccines? How is anything good going to come from murder? In the past vaccines were made using animal cells, some still are. This also can be quite dangerous due to animal retroviruses that can contaminate many of these cells, but still infinitly better than murdered babies. Whats even crazier is that it seems that Covid- 19 was manufactured in a lab in china. The funding for this research was from the NIH, the National Institue of Health, headed by Fauci. So first they create the virus and then make money manufacturing a vaccine to supposedly stop the virus!?

The vaccine controversy is an ideological war. On the one hand you have western doctors who believe that they are G-d, they believe that they have a solution to every problem. In reality they fight the body intead of strengthening it. They believe that viruses and bacteria should be eradicated. They don't understand that G-d put these microbes in the world for a purpose, just as a fly is there to break down garbage, "bad" bacteria and viruses have an important purpose. G-d created them for a reason: to break down weak cells. Illness also plays an important spiritual role. Every organ every vein corresponds to one of the 613 commandments. When we get sick there is a spiritual reason. The medical establishment doesn't have the humility to accept this. They often deny miracles. They tell people how long they have to live. They claim that diabetes and Crohn's can't be cured, when there have been cases that prove otherwise. They used to claim that autism is incurable, they would recommend parents to put their kids in institutions, of course they were proven wrong. G-d can cure anybody of any illness, anytime, if He wants.

Vaccines, as they are today, with the murdered baby fetal cells, represent the fight against

G-d. A mere two days after birth our babies are indoctrinated into the health care system, jabbed with needles. It's like the matrix. The problem with all this is that nothing good can come from murder. Nothing good can come from trying to kill every virus or bacteria. It's a ridiculous if not futile fight. If we don't have measles, we have cancer, if we don't get polio we'll get M.S. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, Crohn's and IBS are on the rise. We cant fight it through vaccines or antibiotics. We have to strengthen our bodies by eating healthy, tak