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CRISPR Technology Spells Disaster for Humanity: Clinical Trials are Underway to Create GMO Humans

I feel like I’m living in a sci-fi movie gone horribly wrong. I never would have believed that genetically modifying humans would be something we would have to deal with so fast. But it's been happening for the last few years right under our noses and the public is not aware. Touted as a breakthrough technology that will “save” humankind from disease, CRISPR technology, created in 2012, can easily and quickly change and alter DNA (genomes) on any organism from microorganisms to plants to human cells and even human embryos.

Six months ago I wrote an article about GMO chickens that are in the works, 3 months ago, the first GMO cow was approved by the FDA for sale for human consumption (they are in the production stage now they will be on supermarket shelves within a year click here to read that article). Now, clinical trials are underway in the United States, China, and around the world to modify and edit human genes. This will in effect create genetically modified humans. Human trials are underway as we speak.

The theory behind the genetic modifying sounds nice: to supposedly use the technology to “cure diseases”. But when we look beneath the surface, the truth is scary and evil. CRISPR in essence uses an enzyme from bacteria to cut out and edit specific genes in the human body.

Firstly, What right do scientists have to modify and edit the human genome?!! G-d created each and every one of us in a specific way and with a specific genome. Scientists don’t like to hear that because they like to pretend they’re in control of everything. This is a desecration of G-d, as we were created in His image.

In addition, the use of this technology would require the consent of every single human being in the world, not just corrupt government officials, because this technology will affect us all. If a person with an edited genome gives birth to a child, that child may inherit their Genetically modified traits. Within a few generations, the entire human race may be altered, and it won’t be for the better.

Now comes for the scary scientific part, gene editing using CRISPR is dangerous even according to many researchers, as the enzymes responsible for the editing sometimes edits the wrong genes, and also causes a condition called “jumping genes” or retrotransposition, which greatly increases the risk of cancer.

A report from Boston Children’s Hospital, published June 27 in Nature Communications, warns of a potential, previously undiscovered danger of CRISPR editing.

“Studying classical CRISPR/Cas9 in multiple human cell lines, a team led by Roberto Chiarle, MD, and Jianli Tao, PhD, in the Department of Pathology at Boston Children’s, show for the first time that the technique can cause large rearrangements of DNA through a process called retrotransposition. Rearrangements occur when breaks in DNA aren’t repaired, allowing mismatched ends to join. While retrotransposition events caused by CRISPR were uncommon (occurring up to 5 to 6 percent of the time in the study’s experimental model), they can theoretically trigger cancer.”

Some scientists and researchers in the field are sounding the alarm, with concerns rising about the unknown long term effects of human gene editing, but there is ibg money at stake, with major companies in China and the United States racing to get patents on their “gene therapies”, which are in reality gene destroyers.

Trials have already begun in China on human embryos. With crazy companies wanting to create human embryo labs, where you would see human embryos in tubes like the matrix being harvested for their organs to be used in human organ transplant. This is not fiction, this is reality.

In fact, China, in 2018, He Jiankui, a Chinese scientist, used CRISPR technology to yield the world’s first gene-edited infants. The experiment was widely condemned as irresponsible and dangerous — in large part because many of the ways in which Crispr-Cas9 can affect cells remain poorly understood. Dr. He was found guilty of conducting illegal medical practices in China and sentenced to three years in prison.

Today 4 years later, CRISPR technology in being used both in the United States and China in human trials, so what is the difference? Why was He Jiankui alone put in jail? Shouldn’t everyone conducting trials on humans be put in jail?

Our future is at risk.

“It’s really too soon to be applying Crispr to reproductive genetics,” said Nita Farahany, a bioethicist at Duke University who was not involved in the study.

“In other words, we think we are editing one letter of the book of life, but it actually entire pages might be getting altered in unintended areas. The long-term danger is unintended changes to the genome of an organism that go on and get carried through to the next generation. The safety risk is unknown changes in genes that get transferred to the population that could have no consequence or could be harmful," said Dr. Gregory Licholai, a biotech entrepreneur who serves as a lecturer at Yale SOM and chief medical and information officer at PRA Health Sciences.

The Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing was postponed from March 2022 until March 2023, This will be the Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing. It is being organized as a collaborative activity of the the U.K.’s Royal Society and Academy of Medical Sciences, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and U.S. National Academy of Medicine, and The World Academy of Sciences. It will bring together leading experts to examine the potential risks and benefits of genome editing technologies and the significant ethical and societal issues associated with advances in human genome editing research.

What is going on here? Clinical trials are happening now, human genetic modification in the form of CRISPR is on the verge of being adopted into mainstream medicine, the risk is imminent, and these scientists are postponing talking about the risks for a full year?

What's going on should be on front page news every day. The risk is not just for us, but for our children and their children as well.



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