Deadly Fungal Outbreak in NY and NJ Hospitals: Is the Measles scare a Diversion?

This week, the New York times reported that a deadly fungal outbreak is taking place across hospitals in NY, NJ and Chicago. Candida Auris is a fungi that grows on IV lines and ventilators in hospitals and nursing homes. The source of this fungi is actually agricultural pesticides. Sterilization has done nothing to stop this fungus and the cover up spans across some of the largest hospitals in New York and New Jersey. The CDC has refused to reveal which hospitals are suffering from the outbreak.

So far at least 587 cases have been reported and at least 1000 peoples are carriers according to the CDC. The superbug can live for up to 1 month on clothing, and carriers can remain carriers for months or years. The death rate is about 41%. Candida Auris is resistant to all anti-fungals. Conventional medicine has absolutely no cure for this disease.

People most suspectible to Candida Auris

The elderly and infants, all people taking antibiotics or with weak immune systems.

What is the Source of the Fungus?

Agricultural farming. Soil that has been treated with chemical pesticides and fungicides is a breading ground for superbugs. Why? Because fungicides destroy the good fungi. Certain types of bad fungi will develop resistance to the fungicide and with no competition will breed at an alarming rate.

Its strange that this Candida Auris pandemic which has at least a 41% death rate has not led to the closure of infected hospitals in New York and New Jersey, yet the measles outbreak which has led to absolutely no deaths in the U.S. at all is leading to the closure of all yeshivas in Williamsburg that allow unvaccinated children to attend school.

The fear of disease in our day and age has altered our abilities to think logically. Sickness as well as health come from G-d. When we are faced with any health challenge we have to ask ourselves why is this happening to me. If a child is ill, the parents have to examine their spiritual state. Every organ is representative of a different Mitzvah. We also have to examine our eating habits. According to both the Rambam (Maimonidies) and the Avi Ezer, all disease is a result of bad diet and weather changes.

To read more the Torah perspective on illness please click here.

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