8 Ways to Beat IBS & Digestive Orders

Fifty years ago, it was a rare phenomena for people to have mild to severe digestive disorders. Today, IBS and Crohn's disease have become part of the norm in our society as more than half the population suffer from digestive disorders. The main reason why more and more people are diagnosed with digestive disorders is bad diet. The typical American diet is by definition a bad diet. It mostly consists of #1 Refined and processed carbohydrates (breads, pasta, cereals, most commercial flours) #2 sugars (including beet sugar, cane sugar, corn syrup and rice syrup) #3 Transfats (margarine, canola and vegetable oils) #4 processed or fried meats #5 non organic dairy and cheeses and little to no fresh vegetables or fruits. Most of the foods that the avergae person consumes encourage weight gain, inflammation, and disease.

Refined and processed carbohydrates

Anything that has been bleached and stripped of fiber and nutrients has a high glycemic index and is a refined product. Refined and processed carbs can be found in cereals, cakes, pasta, breads and most flours. The reason refined and processed carbohydrates are so damaging for the gut is because they are digested and turned into sugar very quickly, which spikes blood sugar very fast. The body then has a hard time expelling them (due to their lack of nutrients such as fiber). In the end, they ferment in the intestines and become food for the bad yeast and bacteria in the gut. Overgrowth of bad bacteria starts the process of leaky gut and allergies. This is how digestive health spirals down hill.


Overgrowth of bad bacteria as well as the consumption of certain foods such as binders like cellulose guar gum, xanthan gum eats away the gut lining. This leads to a condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome. Leaky Gut Syndrome is the root cause of most digestive disorders and allergies because undigested food particles leak from the gut wall and spill into the blood. The immune system recognizes these particles as foreign and stimulates an immune response.


Diet Change - The Only Way

The only way to truly be disease free is through a healthy diet and lifestyle. People are curing themselves daily (or at least going into remission) from Crohn's, UC and IBS by simply changing their diet. The first step is to remove all irritants from the diet. Replace all unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives like stone ground bread made from ancient grains, homemade chicken soups, vegetables (cooked and raw), fresh vegetable juices, and certain fruits. All foods should be organic. Vegetables and fruits should be introduced slowly to prevent discomfort.

Another great way to improve digestive health is through specific herbs and supplements. Herbs can offer much needed vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that the body desperately needs. Below are a few basic foods and supplements that have shown great promise for people with digestive disorders .

Stone Ground Kamut Bread-