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FDA Approves the First Ever Genetically Modified Cow

Terrible things are happening in the world right now. Science has gone crazy. With new CRSIPR technology, scientists are able to genetically modify almost anything. Three months ago, I wrote an article warning that GMO chickens and cows will be coming to your dinner plate within the next few years. Little did I know that it was going to happen right now under our noses .

Just 2 months ago, the FDA approved the first ever Genetically modified cows for human consumption and labeled them "low risk". Which basically means that farmers using this breed will not have to register with the FDA. So, the end consumer will have no idea if the beef he/she is eating or the milk he/she is drinking will have come from a genetically modified animal or not.

These cows are expected to be in supermarkets within 2 years, but I suspect it be more like one. They will not be labeled GMO.

A major cattle breeder called Acceligen modified these cows to have shorter hair and slicker coats, which is totally unnecessary since it has already been done through common breeding techniques without the use of genetic modification. This is evil for evils sake. A war against G-d's world. And in the process companies like Acceligen making GMO animals will be able to patent their new breeds and make millions of dollars.

The new technology used to "create" these genetically modified cows is called CRISPR and its going to destroy the animal world and our food supply as we know it. Created in 2012, CRISPR is so advanced that it can genetically modify practically anything.

It's not limited to veggies, fruits and grains, we're talking about genetic engineering of animals. And its happening right now under our noses.

The cute little chickens, hens, and cows that we know and love are in danger.

We already have GMO salmon on store shelves called since April of 2021.

Now geneticists are "creating" chicken eggs genetically modified to lay sex-detectable eggs.

The chicken is made sex-detectable by inserting a biomarker onto the male sex chromosome. The biomarker which glows bright yellow on the male eggs is able to be picked up by an electro optic scanner.

These eggs would not be hatched and grown, they would be sold to us as eggs for consumption.

Everything I've been warning about in the last 2 years is coming to fruition, and thanks to billions of dollars in funding from stock market investors in CRISPR technology, its happening very fast.

Cloaked under the guise of "saving lives", the medical and scientific community has waged war upon G-d's creations. Apparently, they don't think that He knew what He was doing when He created the world.

Driven by profit, greed and arrogance, they have no respect for G-d's world.

It's very upsetting. They're playing G-d, and we will all pay a heavy price for this.


It's a crime to genetically engineer animals. Just as it was a crime when companies like Monsanto genetically engineered soy, corn, sugar beets, potatoes, tomatoes, papaya, zuchinni and so much more.

Mark my words: Genetically engineered chicken and meat will be on our dinner plates within a year or two.

It's time for the nation to step up and protest.

You can start today by boycotting all GMO foods. Almost all soy corn and sugar is GMO. Don't buy these products unless you're sure its non-GMO. GMO salmon is now on store shelves. Avoid salmon at all costs.

Let these companies know how we feel with our wallets.

Let them know we wont buy the food they've created in a lab.

Let them know CRISPR technology is unacceptable.

If you have the money, raise non-GMO chickens and cows to preserve G-d's world and so that our children and grandchildren will be able to see what the world is supposed to look like.


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