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German Germaphobia & Typhus Epidemic Led to the Holocaust: Will History Repeat Itself?

What we have been taught about the creation of the ghettos and concentration camps during WWII is only half true. We have been led to believe that the ghettos and the gas chambers were created by the Germans during WWII in the years 1940-1945. In reality, the creation of the ghettos began decades before the Holocaust during WWI when the German medical establishment spread fears of the typhus epidemic. They weren't called ghettos back then, they were called quarantine areas and internment camps. And the idea of delousing baths, with zyklon B, which led to the creation of the gas chambers was also put into use by the Germans decades before the war. Typhus is a disease carried by lice and fleas. So delousing baths where people were sprayed with dangerous chemicals became the standard sanitation procedure established by the Germans. All clothes were sprayed with Zyklon B disinfection powder.

During WWI Quarantine areas throughout German controlled Poland and along the Polish/German border were established. These quarantine areas contained delousing baths. All Polish refugees entering Germany had to take chemical "baths" and their clothes had to be deloused with Zyklon B. In humiliating procedures, refugees were subject to full body inspections. They were quarantined for weeks and were issued a typhus disinfection card before they were allowed entry into Germany.

Conditions of camps at the border were appalling. Eye witnesses were shocked at the lack of food, overcrowding, and no extra clothing.

Typhus As a Jewish Disease

During WWI, the Germans began spreading propaganda that typhus was a Jewish disease. They sent German Rabbis into Polish cities to put up signs in synagogues and to urge Jewish men to cut off their beards and Jewish woman to throw out their sheitels. In German controlled Poland, religious men were forcibly shaved, their beards and payos cut off. Woman were forced to remove their sheitels, and their hair was shaved. Ritual baths (mikvahs) were considered unsanitary and vilified by the Germans. Many Rabbis played along with this.

In reality, many refugees including Jews and Russian POWS were prey to diseases as a result of malnutrition and lack of clothes and shelter after WWI. Poverty was appalling, thousands of people were displaced. There was little fuel. Its no wonder people were getting sick.


The Germans were obsessed with bacteriology. They were deathly afraid of germs and viruses. Yet, if the Germans were so concerned about hygiene and "public health", then why did they start or enter the war (WWI) which resulted in the death of 20 million people? Millions more died of famine and disease. Its known that war causes death in combat as well as disease from famine. It's this sort of illogical thinking that plagues the AMerican nation today. People stuff themselves with unhealthy food on the one hand, yet they are deathly afraid of a coronavirus that is no worse than the regular flu. If you eat healthy, then there is no need to worry about a flu. To find out what you can do to support your immune system naturally click here

Instead of waging war against disease why not support the immune system naturally so that it can defend itself without the need for dangerous antibiotics and vaccines? As we discussed in a previous article, the Germans had a very strong pharmaceutical industry. Bayer (I.G. Farben) were the main donators to Hitler in 1933. They put him in power. German Big Pharm fueled the war. They stood the most to gain from the war, just as BIG Pharm stands to gain today from the coronavirus, as billions of dollars are being pumped into vaccines and medications for coronavirus, even as the rest of the nation starves. Whats worse- coronavirus or widespread unemployment and subsequent economic collapse?

At this point, Antisemitism was fueled by German doctors as Polish Jews were accused of being disease carriers.

But German Germaphobia didn't stop there. In fact, epidemics like Typhus were the perfect excuse to increase German dependence on the pharmaceutical industry, and the perfect excuse to get rid of the Jewish problem once and for all.

Nazis used the typhus disease to justify the creation of the ghettos in Poland. The ghettos were basically a prison where the ill could be quarantined and no one was allowed in or out on pain of death. The ghettos were touted as an effective health measure by German doctors, preventing the spread of the typhus disease. Creating ghettos throughout Poland was no simple matter. Uprooting the local Polish population and virtually imprisoning millions of Jews had to be explained to the eyes of the local population and to the International Red Cross. Nazis understood that in order to get away with their extermination campaign against the Jews and other minorities, they would have to utilize disease scare tactics. A big part of this scare tactic was brainwashing the Germans & Poles into believing that the Jews were behind the typhus epidemic. This involved propaganda campaigns and posters such as the one above which reads "Beware of typhus. Avoid Jews."

"By October 1941, when an epidemic was raging in the Warsaw Ghetto, Jost Walbaum, the Chief Health Officer of the General Government (Occupied Poland) infamously made the accusation: “The Jews are overwhelmingly the carriers and disseminators of typhus infection. … There are only two ways [to solve this]. We sentence the Jews in the ghetto to death by hunger or we shoot them…. We have one and only one responsibility, that the German people are not infected and endangered by these parasites. For that, any means must be right” (1).

These words were followed by applause and clapping from 100 attendees, mostly medical doctors.

In addition, the highest German administrative authority in the General Government, Governor General Hans Frank, alleged in 1943 that the genocidal murder of 3 million Jews in Poland “was unavoidable for reasons of PUBLIC HEALTH” (3)."

Previous to this, SS General Heydrich, the main architect of the Final Solution, specifically requested that the chief SS physician initiate an epidemic in Warsaw Ghetto to exterminate the Jews (2).


Entrance to the Warsaw ghetto. The sign states: "Epidemic Quarantine Area: Only Through Traffic is Permitted." Warsaw, Poland, February 1941.

In Warsaw, the Department for Hygiene urged the erection of a Ghetto to preserve the health of the local population. The Nazis spread propaganda that the Jews were spreading the typhus disease, thus they needed to be isolated and quarantined in Ghettos. (5)

Then they intentionally starved these imprisoned Jews, forcing them to live 12 people to a room with almost no clothing or heating. Thus setting the perfect breeding ground for typhus to proliferate.

In the above photo:

Nazi-German announcement of the introduction of the death penalty for Jews leaving the ghettos and for Poles helping them; dated Nov. 10th, 1941 by Dr. Ludwig Fischer Nazi Governor of the Warsaw District

Announcement Translation: (6)

"Regarding: Death penalty for illegally leaving the Jewish residential district.

Recently, in many documented instances, Jews, who have left the residential districts designated for them, have spread typhus. To safeguard the population against this dangerous threat, the General Governor has ordered that any Jew, who in the future illegally leaves the residential district designated for him, will be punished by death.

The same punishment will apply to whoever consciously shelters Jews mentioned above or in any other way assists them (for instance, by providing overnight accommodation, or sustenance, by giving a ride in any kind of vehicle, etc.)

The sentence will be imposed by the Special Court in Warsaw.

I explicitly draw the attention of the whole population of the Warsaw District to this new regulation since henceforth it will be applied with merciless severity.

Warsaw, 10 November 1941

This file is part of the stroop report , a report prepared by SS Commander General Jurgen Stroop detailing the events of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Here stroop offers an insight into why the Warsaw ghetto in particular was created. This document is a translation used in the Nurembeg war crimes trial.

"the necessity of erecting a ghetto in the of Warsaw as well became more and more urgent in the summer of 1940, since more and more troops were being assembled in the district of Warsaw ..... At that time the Department for Hygeine urged the speedy erection of a ghetto in the interest of PRESERVING THE HEALTH of the German forces and of the native population as well. The original plan of establishing the ghetto in the suburb of praga as intended in February 1940 would have taken at leat 4 to 5 months, since almost 600,000 persons had to be moved. But since experience showed that greater outbreak of epidemic might be expected in the winter months and since for this reason the district medical officer urged that the resettling action ought to be completed by 15 november 1940 at the latest, the plan of establishing a suburban ghetti in praga was dropped; and instead the area which hitherto had been used as a quarantine area for epidemics was selected for use as a Jewish residential area, in Oct 1940, the governor ordered the comissioner of the district president for the city of warsaw....

In the book Murderous medicine, Naomi Baumslag documents the complicity of Nazi doctors and pharmaceutical companies in using epidemic like typhus to further Jewish genocide.

The book explains how epidemic typhus served in the extermination of Jews. The Germans had led everyone to believe that body lice and the Jews who had lice were the cause of the typhus epidemic. (In fact, starvation and lack of hygiene were the root causes of the epidemic). It shows, how Jewish prisoners went willingly into the the gas chambers thinking that they were delousing baths. All of the newspapers Jews were labeled as disease carriers and a public health risk. This created the need for quaratines and ghettos to "contain the epidemic".

Baumslag shows how the Typhus disease was used as a weapon of mass destruction. She categorizes the spread of typhus in ghettos and concentration camps as “an exemplar of biological warfare".

A quote from the book: "As the weather turned cold in late 1941, typhus broke out in the unheated dwellings of the beaten-down Jewish ghetto. A disease that Fleck knew from the First World War now added its monotonous terror to the other threats of annihilation. A dozen or more people were stuffed into each ghetto apartment room. The possibilities of bathing or cleaning one’s clothes were very limited. Everyone was hungry, and many were starving. “That typhus should quickly spread in these circumstances,” wrote Fleck, “was no wonder.” The outbreak began in a Soviet POW camp the Nazis had created at the Citadel, a 19th-century Austro-Hungarian barracks. That winter, there were thousands of cases; a year later, Fleck estimated that 70 percent of the ghetto residents had been infected with the disease. The German doctors responded to the epidemic with utter perversity.

The pattern had been established in Warsaw, occupied since September 1939, where German public health officials at first tried to fight the disease by requiring Jews to submit to delousing baths and quarantines. These measures were impractical and punitive. Delousing meant standing naked in the freezing cold while one’s apartment was searched and often robbed, and handing over a precious set of clothes likely to be damaged by powerful chemicals. A Warsaw public health official estimated that only one-fifth of all typhus cases were being reported to his officers.

Young Jewish man in typhus quarantine in Warsaw ghetto. "Typhus: Entry & exit strictly forbidden"

The German emperor of Poland ordered that to prevent the spread of the disease, Jews trying to sneak out of the ghetto were to be shot. At a conference of 100 Nazi health officers at a Carpathian spa in October 1941, the issue came to a head with the intervention of Robert Kudicke, who had taken over the Polish Institute of Hygiene from Ludwik Hirszfeld. Speaking “purely academically without making any value judgment,” Kudicke said, “the Jewish population simply breaks out of the ghettos because there is nothing to eat. … If one wants to prevent that in the future, then one must use the best means for this, namely provide for more sufficient provisioning.” Jost Walbaum, the medical chief for occupied Poland, gave the following retort:

"Naturally it would be best and simplest to give the people sufficient provisions, but that cannot be done. This is connected to the food situation and the war situation in general. Thus shooting will be employed when one comes across a Jew outside the ghetto without special permission. One must say it quite openly in this circle, be clear about it. There are only two ways. We sentence the Jews in the ghetto to death by hunger or we shoot them. Even if the end result is the same, the latter is more intimidating. We cannot do otherwise, even if we want to. We have one and only one responsibility, that the German people are not infected and endangered by these parasites. For that any means must be right."


The German medical establishment spread lies between WW1 and 2 that the Jews were spreading typhus. Polish refugees, especially Jewish refugees, were looked at as lower human beings, spreading disease into Germany. Internment camps & quarantine areas were set up Border crossings where refugees were subject to inhumane treatment, delousing baths, and medical exams. But the Germans were the ones who had started WW1 that brought famine and disease and millions of deaths! They caused the spread of typhus in Poland! They displaced hundred of thousands of Jews. Their fear mongering tactics brought about the creation of quarantine camps, then ghettos then concentration camps.

German BIG PHARM were behind this, they stood the most to gain from the war and fear of epidemics. Today we are faced with a similar situation. We are faced with exaggerated fear mongering from Big Pharm. Billions of dollars are being poured into Vaccine Companies in the race to find a cure for this epidemic that in reality is similar to a regular flu. Most of the deaths from Coronavirus in America were caused by the misuse of ventilators. In fact a JAMA Study showed that 88% of NY hospital Patients Put on Ventilators Died. click here to read more

Over 900 FEMA camps were built in the United States in 2019 alone. If we continue on this path, if we continue our irrational fear of disease, and let BIG PHARM control our actions and beliefs then a Holocaust will happen again. And we will ALL pay the price. Remember: only BIG PHARM and a few other major companies that are connected to the government stand to gain from epidemics and war. The rest of the U.S. economy will collapse. The time to stop this insanity is NOW! We can start by supporting our health and immune system through diet, protecting over our children (the time will come when it will be dangerous to send kids to school), and maintaining our health freedom by disregarding BIG Pharm. G-d put disease in the world for a reason. They can make this vaccine or that antibiotic, but the bottom line is that they will never be able to eradicate disease! All they've done is replace infectious disease with chronic disease like cancer, autism, and diabetes. Lets put our lives in G-d's hands and with faith overcome these trying times.


Typhus: The Influence of Society and State on a Human Disease Professor Michael Besser AM Clinical Associate Professor and Lecturer in Surgical Anatomy University of Sydney Australia

1) C. G. Roland, Courage Under Siege: Starvation, Disease and Death in the Warsaw Ghetto. (Oxford University Press, 1992).

2) I. Trunk, Epidemics and Mortality in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1939–1942. YIVO Ann. Jewish Soc. Sci. 8, 82–122 (1953).Google Scholar



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