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GMO Salmon on Store Shelves this Month Making Fish the most Toxic Food of 2021

The first FDA approved "transgenic" animal available for human consumption made it to store shelves this month. Sales are going ahead despite the fact that in November, a federal judge in San Francisco ruled the FDA ignored serious possible environmental consequences by approving genetically engineered salmon, and was also violating the National Environmental Policy Act. GM salmon grow much faster than regular salmon. They reach market size and weight in18 months as opposed to 3 years. Their growth hormone genes were genetically modified and replaced by genes from a combination of 4 other fish. As you can see in the photo above the GM salmon is double the size and length of regular salmon. Both fish are 18 months.

Our vegetables, fruit, and grains have already been genetically modified, causing widespread allergies, inflammation, and chronic diseases worldwide. As if that wasn't enough, now our animal supply is being tainted, perhaps irreparably. Companies throughout the world, especially in Israel, are genetically modifying chickens to increase profitiblity for farmers. Its only a matter of time before genetically modified chicken & eggs make it to store shelves. Cultured" frankenstein meat is making its debut in a few restaurants, and its being touted as sustainable and eco-friendly! This meat is one of the worst innovations known to mankind. The process involves growing animal cells in labs. These cancerous cells are genetically modified to double in size every 12-24 hours. These cells are grown in patented bioreactors that will replace barns, chicken coops and meat processing factories. Its scary that the end products are indistinguishable from animal-based meat. More on cultured meat in upcoming articles.

This GMO salmon is genetically modified to grow twice as fast as regular salmon. Genes from 4 different types of fish were combined to "create" it. The genetically engineered salmon was produced by AquaBounty Technologies, Inc. with DNA from Atlantic salmon, Pacific king salmon, and Arctic ocean eelpout. This marks the first time any government in the world has approved a commercially genetically engineered animal as food.

But dont think that non-GMO salmon is safe for human consumption either. Farm raised salmon is one of the most toxic foods you can eat. Full of mercury, pesticides, PCB's and dioxins, they cause cancer, reproductive harm and mercury poisoning. "Wild caught" salmon are usually just farmed salmon held in overcrowded ocean pools full of salmon waste. Even true wild caught salmon are simply too full of mercury to eat. Fish are promoted as healthy, but its simply a lie. Fish are the most toxic food of 2021.

Are Kashrut organizations going to finally speak out against GMOs? Will they refuse to grant a hechsher to transgenic animals? If past events are an indicator than probably not. Kashrut organizations are more concerned with their pockets than with our nations health, as they have already granted hechsherim to toxic artificial colors and flavors, chemicals like bromides found in most bread and cakes, preservatives, and GMO grains and veggies. Will they ever put health before profits? I think not.

While some people may view scientific advancement as a good thing, what they fail to realize is that scientists sitting "innocently" in labs across the world are waging a war against G-d. A war that is affecting every single person in the world. A war that has destroyed our food supply, with the introduction of genetically modified plants & grains. A war that is destroying our animals, as scientists are rushing to genetically modify chickens and livestock to increase profitability. (We only have a few years before chickens will be heavily modified). And now worst of all, a war against the genetic integrity of the human race, with the new mRNA vaccines, designed to genetically modify our cells.

Its time to take a stand against the genetic modification of our food supply.

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