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Heavy "Fog" Settled Over South Florida this Morning

As I stood on my South Florida porch at 7 oclock this morning I could barely see my neighbors porch less than 10 feet away from me. The air felt extremely heavy and dusty. Visibility was terrible. If you still believe that chemtrails is a conspiracy theory, then this morning should erase that doubt. Although the sun had dispersed the clouds by 9 am, the fact remains that waking up to this view from my porch was worrisome.

Normally, I can see for miles from my balcony on a high floor, but not today. I once again

found myself yearning for the good old days, decades ago, when the Florida sky was crystal clear blue dotted with a stray fluffy white cloud, and when the humidity and heat would build up, it would pour, oftentimes with a sun-shower. Two hours later, the sky would clear again. I remember a time when the ocean was turqoiuse and clean , and the food was healthier and more nutritious.

Good quality air is essential to life. People can live without eating for days, even weeks. They can live without drinking for days. But people can't survive without air for mere minutes.

Messing with our air is not only annoying, its dangerous. The chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals released by these planes can severely impact our health.

The news would have us believe that crazy heavy fog, hazy skies and white streaks are normal.

But the truth is that weather manipulation through the use of chemtrails officially known as cloud seeding, has become such a severe problem and so noticeable that even mainstream news stations have no choice but to report on this.

Of course, They would have preferred to perpetuate the "fog" theory, but after living near a naval base for a few years, I am experienced with "fogs" that descended upon our town every time the Navy wanted to move big ships and keep it under wraps. The fogs were so intense that white dust would swirl all around us and sometimes you couldn't see 2 feet in front of you. Living near the ocean I could still discern the outlines of the huge navy ships in the water.

So how do they do this? If you look up at the sky you'll see planes leaving these white trails. They are not passenger planes. Before you know it, a perfectly clear blue sky turns into a hazy grey.

It turns out weather manipulation is nothing new, and in fact has become more public in the last year, if you're looking for the truth. In fact the government spends hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on chemtrails or contrails, every year. Their reason is to prevent climate change. The chemtrails reflect the sun's rays from hitting the earth, thus supposedly preventing global warming.

The result? They create major climate change which they are trying to prevent!

individual states also engage in chemtrail or cloud seeding programs for various reasons: to make it snow, or to increase rainfall.

But this short-sighted approach is wrong: it's robbing Peter to pay Paul. Causing droughts in nearby states and showering people and crops with huge amounts of heavy metals like aluminum which are present in the trails.

There are terrible DROUGHTS that are destroying crops across the West Coast, in states like California, Oregon, New Mexico and more.

What's causing these extreme droughts? In an article by CNN, the chemtrail or cloud seeding program in Wyoming, was discussed.

The article was titled: "Scientists in the US are flying planes into clouds to make it snow more" click on the link below to read the article.


CHemtrails or cloud seeding Is done in two ways: One way is from the ground and the other is from the air, using silver iodide or aluminum as the seeding agent.

"The ground-based generators kind of look like small weather stations, are like 20 feet tall, and they aerosolize into the atmosphere," Julie Gondzar, program manager for Wyoming's Weather Modification Program, explained. "But you have to wait for the right atmospheric conditions so that the plume goes over the mountain range." It makes seeding a little more tricky, because if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, you'll completely miss your target.

The most popular way is by plane, using flares. "There are flares on the wing of the planes with silver iodide inside of cardboard casings and there are flares on the belly of the plane," Gondzar continued.

The state of Wyoming began their cloud seeding program in 2003 to create more snowfall. But the states of Utah and North Dakota have been doing it since the 70's and 80's.

Daniel Swain is a climate scientist at UCLA. He spoke with CNN and climate writer Rachel Ramirez.

In his words: "It is possible that you're actually stealing water from someone else when you do this, because it may be, at least on a regional basis, a zero-sum game where if water falls out of the cloud in one spot, it's even drier by the time it makes it downwind to the next watershed."

He asked, "To what extent are you just shifting around the spatial distribution of precipitation during a scarcity period rather than actually causing it to rain or snow more overall?"

He believes water equity issues need to be researched more.

Weather modification can cause permanent or chronic weather change. It can destroy crops across states, like we saw in Florida now with our citrus crops that couldn't survive cold weather. It can cause severe weather like tornadoes, lighting, blizzards, and snow storms. It can create severe drought and cause wildfires. It also can negatively impact our health because chemtrails are full of heavy metals like aluminum and worse. The heavy metals in the air we breathe as well as in our crops (because it pollutes the soil), can accumulate in our bodies, wreaking havoc on our health. Aluminum toxicity can lead to gastrointestinal and kidney dysfunction, nervous system disorders, vascular damage, immune system dysfunction, birth defects, dementia, and cancer.

The government, including the military, as well as billionaires like Bill Gates and Al Gore have decided to spend billions of our tax payer dollars on battling climate change.

If you doubt the veracity of weather modification, read below to see the proof.


Cloud seeding is a method which is used to create rain/snow/storms in which silver iodide, potassium iodide, liquid propane, or carbon dioxide are released into the air either by plane or generators.

In the words of Wikipedia "Cloud seeding is a type of weather modification that aims to change the amount or type of precipitation that falls from clouds by dispersing substances into the air that serve as cloud condensation or ice nuclei, which alter the microphysical processes within the cloud. Its effectiveness is debated; some studies have suggested that it is "difficult to show clearly that cloud seeding has a very large effect".[2] The usual objective is to increase precipitation (rain or snow), either for its own sake or to prevent precipitation from occurring in days afterward."


To hire a cloud seeding company in America you could hire Weather Modification Incorporated who have been used by many states for their weather modification programs. Check them out here:

Research all their clients and past projects here:

Many states have taken part in their cloud seeding programs.

Another interesting website which provides information about cloud seeding is the North AMerican Weather Modification Council. Check them out here:

It states: "A wide range of entities sponsor cloud seeding programs in the U.S. They include municipal, county, and state governments; irrigation, water resource, and water conservation districts; airports; ski resorts; and private industry."



Heavy metals like aluminium, radioactive elements, copper, titanium, silicon, lithium, cobalt, lead, ethylene dibromide are suspected to be present in the chemtrails. The effects on our health could be very significant, as inhaling thse small particles can cause a host of health problems like nervous system issues, allergies, lung problems. The effect of heavy metals on the brain especially in the young and the elderly are significant.


Although cloud seeding is supposed to create rain or storms, when used long term it actually prevents rain and poses major environmental and health risks. Chemtrails and cloud seeding are causing droughts across America and the world, and it must be stopped before we have a major food crises on our hands. Farmers in the West are at breaking point, some have been cut off from the main water line due to water shortages. According to the January 4 U.S. Drought Monitor, moderate to exceptional drought covers 45.8% of the United States

How do Artificial Clouds caused by Cloud Seeding prevent rain?

"Like natural clouds, artificial clouds can drastically affect the weather: In the daytime they block the sun, creating shade and reflecting some solar radiation back into space. But at night, clouds have a blanketing effect that keeps warm air trapped. .. Clouds also absorb and re-emit heat, so cloud cover makes it even warmer at night. Warmer air also means higher pressure, and high pressures can also help repel some storms, preventing rain."

When planes spray at night, the resulting clouds induce warm weather weather conditions which induces higher pressure, which prevents rain.

Chemtrails are also raining heavy metals down on our fields, contaminating the soil, and causing fruit and vegetable diseases, not to mention fungus and mold growth on trees. Recently a bacterial disease nearly decimated Florida's orange and lemon industry.

Chemtrails are acidifying the air and polluting the soil, thus weakening the health of our trees.

As word spreads about the dangers of chemtrails, hopefully local governments will wake up to its dangers and stop the use of cloud seeding and chemtrails. Write to your state governors urging them to stop funding this madness.

Spread the Word!

Sources: A geoengineering solution to climate change could lead to significant rainfall reduction in Europe and North America, a team of European scientists concludes. The researchers studied how models of Earth in a warm, CO2-rich world respond to an artificial reduction in the amount of sunlight reaching the planet's surface.



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