In Response to the "Letter"

Today, 3 Miami hospitals accepted 12 sick crew members from a Costa cruise ship for treatment. Jackson Health System, the University of Miami Health System and Baptist Health welcomed the Costa cruise ships’ passengers.

“While we are all committed to preserving resources for our own residents, an international community like Miami would never turn our backs on people aboard ships at our shores,” Tania Leets, a spokeswoman for Jackson Health System, wrote in a statement released Thursday night.

Why aren't locals protesting that? Why are we only protesting against visitors from New York who may not even be carriers?

At this critical time in history I would like to respond to a recent letter written by some local Rabbis banning all New York visitors from attending shuls, meals, mikvahs, etc.. It seems that kosher grocery stores were also asked by these Rabbis and doctors not to service out of towners. This letter was written before the self quarantine law was even passed. I would like to say that not all Miami residents feel this way. The letter was too strong for the circumstances. This virus is a man made virus. However, it's rapid spread is obviously from G-d. Its a spiritual problem. Therefore, we need to step up our efforts to be kind to one another, to engage in prayer, Torah, and Mitzvos. It's a time for unity, not judgement or harsh behavior. Hachnasat Orchim (welcoming guests) is an integral commandment in the Torah. In fact, the Talmud (Shabbat 127A) states that welcoming guests is greater than welcoming the presence of the Shechina (G-dly presence). Obviously precautions should be taken, but to refuse to service out of towners is not the Jewish way.

What's happening in New York can happen here in Miami or Boca etc... Many business in Florida benefit from NY guests who visit here in the winter months and for Passover. Supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, rentals etc...

If we stand together in love and brotherhood maybe it will bring upon us Heavenly mercy and there's a chance that we will all have a big Geulah before this coming Passover.

Next Year in Jerusalem!

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