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Singapore Halts Flu Vaccines After 59 Deaths in South Korea from the Flu Shot (Op-ed)

Singapore has temporarily halted the use of two flu shots after about 59 people who received them in South Korea died. That doesn't include people who experienced injuries, or severe side effects.

The two influenza vaccinations are the SKYCellflu Quadrivalent, manufactured by South Korea’s SK Bioscience, and VaxigripTetra, manufactured by Paris-based Sanofi. The SKYCellflu shot is distributed locally by AJ Biologics, while the VaxigripTetra is distributed locally by Sanofi Aventis.

Nonetheless, U.S. Forces Korea ordered troops to get flu shots by Dec. 1, saying Tuesday that the vaccine issued by the Defense Department is safe and inoculation is especially important this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.



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