The True Figures for Deaths in Florida by Covid-19 are less than .00025 Percent

The truth: the number of Covid-19 deaths are lower than the yearly flu. In the state of Florida, supposedly 5,000 people died. This number is probably exaggerated considering that doctors label many deaths as deaths by Covid because they get paid to do so. It seems that hospitals can charge Medicaid and Medicare an extra 20 percent for treating a COVID-19 patient under the CARES Act approved by Congress to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

These numbers also grew because of the many patients died from being put on a ventilator. In fact a new JAMA study showed that 88% of people put on ventilator in NY hospitals died.

So should these deaths be labeled death by Covid or death by ventilator?

In fact, Between 20 and 30 percent of death certificates nationwide were wrong before COVID-19, said Bob Anderson, chief of the mortality statistics branch at the National Center for Health Statistics.

For arguments sake, lets just say that the numbers are correct. In the state of Florida with a population of 21 million people, 5,000 deaths in 4 months is just .0002% of the population. Way way less than 1% of the population. In NY & NJ where most of the Covid-19 deaths in the country occurred, the majority of the people died from being put on the ventilators and from negligence on the part of hospital doctors and nurses.

To put things in perspective, heart disease deaths in the state of Florida reaches up to 23,000 per 6 months.

Based on these low stats, to claim that Covid-19 is an epidemic is false. It's no worse than the regular flu. The severe economic collapse we are experiencing is caused by anxiety and hysteria fueled by fake news agencies (including FOX CNN) and by medical "professionals" who for the most part don't understand the importance of healthy diet. We are a nation that is controlled by fear of disease. Many doctors know this and fan the flames by scaring people into unnecessary procedures which would have been avoidable had their patients changed their diets. To be fair, many doctors do recommend a healthy diet to their diabetic & heart disease patients, yet no one listens.

The truth is that most people are unwilling to take control of their health, unwilling to stop the food addictions. They would rather rely on meds, vaccines, surgeries and doctors. But this reliance can cost them their life. The way to solve the Covid-19 problem is actually quite simple: A healthy diet is the key to a healthy immune system. Read ingredient labels. Avoid sugar, trans fats and processed foods. Eat vegetables, juice for your family, exercise daily. And most importantly, DO NOT BE AFRAID. Chronic stress & fear are big risk factors for many serious diseases. The stress hormone corticosteroid can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system, it lowers the number of lymphocytes in the body. Happiness prevents disease.

To learn more about the steps you can take to protect yourself from viruses click here

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