Toxic Cheese is behind High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease

Cheese is one of the most unhealthy & fattening foods you can eat. Before you indulge in cheesecake and cheese pasta it's important to understand just how dangerous cheese is. Cheese is made up of 70% saturated fat and is very high in cholesterol and sodium. Within minutes of eating cheese, our blood becomes thicker. The fat molecules enter the blood stream, making the blood thicker, and our cells cannot oxygenate properly. This is why we become tired quickly after eating cheese, our immune system weakens and we set up the stage for heart disease and other illnesses.

Cheese embodies everything that is wrong with milk but concentrated times 100. Since all the liquid is drained out, the protein, cholesterol, and fat is much more concentrated than milk.

Cheese (and milk) May be the Culprit behind Inflammatory Disease, Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

If you're suffering from arthritis, asthma, ear infection & acne, the inflammatory proteins in milk & even more in cheese may be the trigger. If you have heart disease, the saturated fats in cheese may be the trigger. If you have high blood pressure, the extremely high sodium in cheese may be the trigger.

Why is cheese so toxic? Lets look at how the cheese making process.

Why does Cheese Smell Like Old Socks and Dirty Feet?

The same bacteria that we have in between our toes, Brevi bacteria, are used to ferment cheese. This is why cheese smells like old socks and dirty feet. This bacteria is just plain unhealthy.

Then, Renet (an enzyme from cow's stomach) is used to coagulate the cheese. Renet is not used much any more, GMO renet is used instead. Then tons of salt is added to stop the fermentation.

How much sodium is in cheese? High blood pressure anyone?