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Ulcerative Colitis Recovery Story

Young Mr. Steinberger was diagnosed with U.C. a few years ago. Unable to digest most foods, the young man was down to a mere 95 pounds when I met him. His situation was scary. He had no energy whatsoever. I recommended that he try our stone ground Kamut bread, the teas, and the sauerkraut. The bread helped stabilize his digestive system, to the point where he could eat without running to the bathroom. Thank G-d his condition has steadily improved. He has regained his weight and is fully functioning. Read his amazing testimonial below.

"I was diagnosed with UC (Ulcerative Colitis) and lost 30 pounds from it from 125 to 95. Everything I ate would not get digested and would cause me to go to the restroom. Due to such weight lost and indigestion, I was depleted of energy. After hearing about this bread and the miracles it does I tried it and have been eating it for more than a year now. Thank G-d I gained my weight back and have energy like every other youngster. Thank you Josephs Bakery for helping recover to my full health." Kalman Steinberger

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