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Is Vitamin C Safe Cure For COVID-19

With the coronavirus still spreading and much attention directed at social distancing and wearing useless face masks, one of the most effective, controversial, yet surprisingly simple steps are being ignored. After a series of clinical trials, the Chinese government declared that high doses of intravenous vitamin C may be used to treat coronavirus. The administered amount varies, but is usually between 4,000 and 16,000 milligrams in adults. In a statement made by the Xi'an Jiaotang University Second Hospital, doctors stressed the importance of vitamin C and stated that all patients with acute respiratory symptoms should immediately be placed on IV vitamin C treatment. In fact, even in some American hospitals things are starting to change. In Long Island, Dr. Andrew Weber stated that his own intensive-care patients receive 1,500 milligrams of IV vitamin C four times daily. He went on to explain that his patients who received the vitamin C did significantly better than those who didn't. "It helps a tremendous amount," he stated. "But it's not highlighted because it's not a sexy drug." Additionally, according to NCBI, in a 2007 article, vitamin C has been shown to act in test subjects as a physiological antioxidant, protecting host cells against oxidative stress caused by infections. When taking vitamin C in conjunction with vitamin E, researchers discovered that the patients, who were smokers, had reduced their incidence of contracting pneumonia by 50%.

An interesting article posted on further stresses the importance of vitamin C. The article states that circa; 7% of the American population are suffering from vitamin C deficiency and that many of those people have underlying health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, respiratory problems, and overall immunosuppression. It is no secret that people with compromised immune systems have a higher chance of developing coronavirus and that many suffering from covid-19 have a much higher risk of succumbing to the virus if they already have diabetes or respiratory conditions. Therefore it is essential for people to consider supplementing with vitamin C or juicing oranges & grapefruits for themselves daily.


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