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Weight Loss in 8 Simple Steps: Taking the Confusion out of Weight Loss

1) Replace processed and refined bread and grains with stone ground kamut bread. Refined flour is which is high in vitamins and fiber, both of which are crucial for weight loss. Stone ground bread should be made from ancient grains as modern wheat is just too toxic for human consumption. Buy stone ground bread here. read testimonials here.

2) Don't eat meals after 7-8pm. If you're hungry eat a veggie soup or salad.

3) Get your Greens: Make sure to eat as many leafy greens, salads, and vegetables as possible. Try to consume both raw and cooked. Veggie soups are both filling and healthy.

4)Chomeisu is a japanese herb that has been used for hundreds of years for health & detoxification. I take it every day especially when I don't have time to do a green smoothie. Chomeisu's anti-obesity effects can be attributed to the fact that it contains a little-known compound called pteryxin. Pteryxin is a natural slimming agent known to reduce adipocytes, otherwise known as fat cells. Chomeisu is also high vitamins and fiber.

5) Detox. Our bodies store toxins in our fat cells. To effectively lose weight we must also try to detoxify. There are so many to detox. An easy way to start is to consume special mineral waters from natural springs. Look for waters that are high in sodium bicarbonate. To buy special mineral waters click here.

6) Improving Digestion is critical for weight loss. Improve digestion by consuming probiotics, preferably in natural form. A great way to do this is to eat umeboshi with meals. Umeboshi is japanese for fermented plums. Consumed in Japan for centuries, umeboshi is a unique food full of natural probiotics. To buy umeboshi click here.

7) Avoid trans fats. Trans fats clog up the body and cause inflammation.

8) Identify Food Allergies. Food Allergies play a role in weight gain and can cause inflammation. Identify what foods are causing inflammation and omit them from your diet.


Obviously, the consumption of Refined Carbohydrates such as white flour, white pasta, most gluten free flours, potato flour, rice flour, potato starch, cookies, cakes, soft drinks, and sugar is not healthy and will contribute to high blood sugar levels and weight gain.

Avoid most dairy products except for raw goat kefir and organic goats milk.

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