Who Do you believe in G-d or Doctors?

Joke: What is the Purpose of a doctor? So his yiddishe mama can kvell about him.

There is a tendency in this generation to worship doctors. This has to stop.

Who do we turn to when illness strikes? G-d or doctors? The Torah teaches that we must turn to G-d. Nothing in this world happens by chance. Either there is a spiritual blemish that caused the illness, or bad diet or weather change is to blame.

So what is the purpose of a doctor? According to our sages the purpose of a doctor is to tell you what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. This is what we would call preventive medicine. After illness is present the same principle applies. If a person becomes ill person he has to examine what foods he is eating. He must also examine his spiritual state as we will see later.

Western medicine doesn't address the core reason behind illness. Conventional Doctors attempt to treat symptoms of disease without treating the underlying cause. They use antibiotics or anti-fungals to treat every infection. This is very shortsighted. Overuse of antibiotics has led to the rise of antibiotic resistant superbugs. Candida infections following antibiotic treatment is very common. Bacteria cannot be outsmarted.

There is no way that we can obliterate disease in this world. When antibiotics are administered certain bacterial strains will morph into stronger strains. Today these antibiotic resistant strains are called superbugs. Why do some bacteria morph? Because There is a need for disease in the world at this time. This is the way G-d created the world. The western medical approach of treating the symptoms is illogical and is the antithesis to Torah teachings.

Can we fight G-d's decisions? Is G-d unaware of what's happening to us? Illness is like a loud bell which stimulates us to wake up and change.

The Torah teaches us that all sicknesses, other than colds, are caused by a spiritual blemish or sin that relates to the organ in question. We know that our bodies are made up of 248 organs & limbs and 365 sinews and vessels, each corresponding to one of the 248 positive and 365 negative commandments. We have to understand that sickness in general is a result of our spiritual state. Young children suffer from the sins of their parents. The Torah also teaches us that bad diet and weather change can cause illness. In that case, illness can be a wake up call from G-d to change our diet.

We cannot take G-d out of the equation when it comes to sickness. In fact, just the opposite is true. It's not this virus or that bacteria that caused us to become sick. It's our spiritual state.

The Vaccine War