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Many people who struggle with their weight are in essence struggling with food addictions and high blood sugar levels.  There is a lot of misinformation out there about which foods to eat or avoid.  Carbs are often discouraged which is a shame because healthy carbs are necessary, while foods like animal protein which can acidify the body and lead to pancreatic distress and thus weight gain are encouraged.  And frankly with today's hectic modern lifestyle, it's not easy to prepare weight loss and diabetic friendly home cooked meals.

At Joseph's Organic Bakery we create baked goods and meals with the HIGHEST NUTRIENT TO CALORIE RATIO Possible.  We don't count calories or carbs.  We focus on making every bite count.  If the body is properly nourished with a well rounded diet which includes fiber protein, vitamins, and minerals, then food cravings will naturally lessen. The majority of processed foods and sweets out there touted as promoting weight loss are full of harmful ingredients like trans fats, artificial sweeteners and chemicals.  While most people would dismiss the idea of consuming bread as part of a weight loss management program, actually the opposite is true.  When prepared correctly, bread has the potential to provide 70% of our daily nutritional requirements.

Unfortunately, with today's industrial milling method and bleaching and hybridization of wheat, wheat based foods are currently providing less then 15% of our daily energy requirements, not to mention they contain additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, and added sugars.

Our mission is to reintroduce the traditional of method of baking bread.  Bread was a staple food for thousands of years  for a reason.  In fact, the Talmud considered bread to be a healing food.

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Lose Weight In Miami In 3 Simple Steps

Lose Weight In Miami 



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