Our Philosophy


The Holistic Healthy approach to eating is to consume natural unprocessed whole foods with the highest nutrient levels possible.  Our proprietary preparation method ensures that every loaf we bake contains optimum vitamin and enzyme levels. 

Many of our customers who have not eaten bread for years are eating our bread and loving it!

Come try stone ground bread for yourself at Joseph's Organic Bakery in Miami Florida!

(We are certified Kosher Pas Yisrael by Rabbi Berel Simpser)


Our Bakery

Joseph's Organic Bakery in Miami was born with the desire to make a difference: our mission is to provide healthy and delicious Organic Bread and Cakes to our customers. All of our breads and baked goods are made with organic Kamut flour.  We Stone Grind our Kamut daily and bake within 3 hours. Our proprietary preparation method ensures that every loaf we bake contains optimal vitamin and nutritional levels. Kamut is an ancient grain that is low in gluten and hypoallergenic. Studies have shown that Kamut is beneficial for diabetics and for weight loss.

Our stone ground breads and desserts are made with 100% natural ingredients, no added colors or flavors, preservatives, or chemicals.  

Our Bakery is Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Corn free, and Non-GMO.  We use organic maple syrup as a sweetener. Joseph's Stone Ground Breads are as natural as it gets.

We are a Dr. Sebi friendly bakery With our commitment to ancient grains, non-gmo ingredients, and sugar free baked goods.

Our Health Promise

Our Organic Breads, cakes, and cookies are made with the highest quality ingredients.

NO Xanthan Gum,

NO psyllium husk,

NO potato starch 

NO added colors 

NO added flavors 

NO preservatives

NO bad oils

Sugar Free 

Dairy Free 

Soy Free

Corn Free  

No rubber or teflon bakeware

Sweetened with organic maple syrup.  Nutritious & delicious. 

We are Miami's Organic Bakery!


Stone Ground?

Stone grinding is the original method used by our ancestors to grind wheat into flour.  Stone grinders grind wheat slowly and at LOW HEAT.  Similar to a cold pressed juicer, this method ensures optimal nutritional benefits.  
At Josephs Organic Bakery we take it to the next level. We stone grind our kamut grains and bake within 3 hours for optimal vitamin content. 
Plus we have selected kamut as our grain of choice for our breads and cakes. 
Kamut is an ancient grain that hasn't been genetically modified or hybridized.  It is low in gluten and contains high levels of vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Studies have shown that Kamut grain is beneficial for diabetics and promotes weight loss due to its low glycemic properties.*   


Eat Bread Lose Weight?

Refined foods such as white flour, white rice, sugar, and starch which have been stripped of their fiber and nutrients, are full of empty calories causing blood sugar highs when consumed.  These refined foods flood the blood stream with glucose, causing insulin to surge.  This is the real reason behind the obesity epidemic facing our nation. HIGH BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS.    
To control weight gain we must first take control of our blood sugar levels by eating foods that are high in nutrients and fiber.   
So what can we eat that will fill us up and still keep the pounds off?  
The answer is stone ground bread.  
Stone Ground Bread was a staple food for thousands of years.  In fact, the Bible mentions bread about 70 times.   Stone grinding, which is a LOW HEAT grinding process, ensures high vitamin content.  Thus, Stone Ground Bread has the potential to meet up to 75% of our daily nutrient intake. 
Additionally, Real stone ground flour is not fine. Its course thick granules promote slow healthy digestion.  The fiber and nutrients present in stone ground flour prevent blood sugar levels from rising. This keeps blood sugar levels stable when it's consumed, which of course aids in weight loss.    Stone Ground bread is in essence a superfood that has nourished our ancestors for thousands of years.





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